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Monday, August 23, 2010


I may have recovered from my hangover, finally, but my body's definitely not recovered from 2 weeks of wine, cheese and 4 packets of oreos with a glass of milk a day. According to my doctor, I'm lactose intolerant and my body's very special way of telling me it hates milk is to give me a lovely big belly an hour after I've had any dairy to eat/drink. Sexy.
Because I'm terrible at turning up to the gym or even to Yoga now that this ridiculously hot guy started going (I don't want him seeing me giggling through downward facing dog), I need a new exercise.
It's been recommended by Velma that I just dance through everything I do. Her theory is that I'll get fit and also get all my tunes set for carnival.

I've fallen for this song, it makes me think of that moment on a night out when everything is absolutely perfect. You've got your girls, the world is fuzzy and pumping to the DOPE tune that's playing.

SomethingALaMode - 5 AM (post50UND Remix) by post50UND

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