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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Too Cool

So many times I've seen a photograph and thought damn, I wish I was that cool.
That happened just now with the Jamie Bochert spread for Vogue UK's September Issue. Since I'm still locked away in France, heavily sedated this evening (my back's gone iffy again), I've been trawling the editorials blogs, wishing I was back in London with my Elle Collections magazine and a cup of Earl Grey. French tea is crap.
Hedi Slimane did a spread with Bochert channeling the 70's rock goddesses look. A fabulously disheveled and luxurious look, like, "yeah, this chiffon shirt is dry clean only, and I'm stanking from my mad cool night out last night, but I don't give a damn. I can afford a new one once I've stained the pits and collar on this £300 bad boy."
Or perhaps that's my over active imagination putting words into Jamie's mouth. Anyhow, she looks fine, and Slimane's still a frigging genius with black & white on a black background.

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