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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

M A S H 2

Blogger stole my colours.
Top - Thinker Clothing
Leggings - Topshop (i'm on them)
Trainers - Nike 6.0 (offspring, office, size, etc)
Necklaces - This Charming Girl

I'd wear it to the seaside.


Got bored.. Mashed up a potato outfit of stuff I want.
Jumpsuit & Tights - Miss Selfridge
Shoes, Embellished Belt, Gold Necklaces - Topshop
Transformers Toy (necklace) - ebay
Black and White belt - Warehouse

XPRO update

acton only xpros 35mm.
chiswick does 120 roll film as well, but charges £16 for x process prints & developing.


so upset.
and so budget.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Ducks

Found it on my blog hunt and cracked up / jammed.
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Ducks


I got me a bonsai tree!!! Coral bought it for me today at Syon Park.
While I do miss the boys, the bonsai is taking pride of place on my window sill. I'm needing some names, right now all I have is Mr Roboto.


Been hunting about for a lab that will cross process my films. I went to Snappy Snaps in Acton today, apparently they cross process C41!!! YAY! I'm on that. Gonna shoot some frames on my Lubitel on some old Superia film and see what happens. Who's up for some chill times in Acton Park tomorrow?

Monday, May 25, 2009

bank holiday

hope the bank holiday has treated y'all nicely. I've been enjoying the good weather and snapping sum snap snaps on my lubitellio out in the back garden. until this ginormous spider (nearly as big as my nail on my thumb. yea. i know. huge) came all up in my spaces. i fled the scene.

but been researching xpro labs in london.. apparently snappy snaps in HAMMERSMITH do it?! random but haps. xpro fo cheap homies.

check it: gigi dans le metro on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

loving them trippy colours.

whuuh!? dorothy perkins got minty?!

check it, the new enamel flower supre dupre over the topre necklace from dorothy perkins.
i saw it, checked where it was from and was like 'waauh?'
that horrid store finally made something nice.

but they're charging £50 for it.
fair nuff.
not buying then. MAKING MY OWN BEECHES.
oi, laz, you on it?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lets Groove.. A Family?

Just for old times (last night)'s sake, I've been watching the trippy video for 'Let's Groove'..
posted below bitches.

When i'm a granny and have a bit of a beard, I want a family photograph taken of me and ma fams, JUST like this:

(i'll be the bearded one at the top.)

My Journey Home (God on Loop)

supre tired after last night and my odyssey of a journey home.

ok so got the e3 home with faisal and larry at around 11.30, and got off at acton high road. i then forgot my house was a trek away, and decided to walk.
i got to near those fake nightclubs and realised i could hear music, but some funky fresh tunes at that. twas earth wind and fire 'lets groove'. so, obviously, i started dancing. of course.

at around the petrol garage, after being stared at by like 50 people, i heard teenagers all screaming and shouting so i figured, hey, its acton, its late, people are screaming, SOUNDS LIKE FUN. so i'm all yay, lets go find these people. turns out it was my friend anna!!! YAY. super coincidence. so i was like
anna then pulls headphones out of my ears and the music stops. I'm like oh. it was my ipod all along.

So then i find out anna has been chillaxing all cool in the industrial estate... as you do. So we found all these cardboard boxes and started playing in them, and anna's friend pulls out a ipod speaker, one of them mini ones larry has, and we have a cardboard box party to Earth Wind and Fire.

for like 3 hours.
I think i fell asleep in a cardboard box.

so we trek to the raven, not realising it closed an hour ago.

So then we get an E3. I repeat my gay journey on an E3 back to acton, and again forget to get a 266 or N207 home. So just for the fun of it all, I dance home again. But I found my hoodie by the petrol station, i guess I left it there when i met anna.

So i got home at like 4.30 and fell asleep in the kitchen, woke up at like 6 when the sun came up and dragged myself to my bed.

supa tired.

was an eventful night though.

Just so you know why i was dancing:

Day N Night Text Video

loving Euna Kho's version of Kid Cudi's Day N Nite video. Its just the text, but she matches the flow supa well.

check out a clip:

Thursday, May 21, 2009


to express ones views.

love it.
i enjoy to pontificate regularly.

often more than 5 times a day.


found it on my monthly search for purdy vinyl toys.
from the wonderfully cute range of Tokidoki toys, this one had to be the one to upload..

to you, my milk-loving chums:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Neil Krug

Reminds me of movie posters for late 60's / 70's movies, and of the mad nancy sinatra videos that were on loop at shunt.
check out the flickr

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Onwards by James Jarvis

Gotta say I've kept this as homepage for a couple of weeks now, just chills me out so much.

supa trippy, supa awesome, supa everything.

Onwards from AKQA on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

iri5 and his wonderful cassettes

this guy is supre.

thats right, supre.
he's done this whole project, Ghost in the Machine, where he makes artwork out of the tapes in cassettes. Wonderful. I'm loving the Hendrix tape.
loverly jubberly.
check out his flickr

the dark romantics

now normally im all against the ole indie music... but lately i've been enjoying an acoustic guitar more than ever. Heard this song by the Dark Romantics called The Perfect Place.. reminds me of the killers, only more synthy.
check it out mofos..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

mathew scott - portrait of a dive bar

a photographer i happened upon whilst on my daily blog scouring.
i love his use of colour! all mad greens pinks and blues!!

also, had the jokest day in hobbycraft with kaishia.
we were hunting for like an hour for this special paper, so we gave up and just stood there trying hard not to embarrass ourselves infront of the hobbycrafty crew with our hysterical giggles. eventually this guy came up and was like can i help, so i explained what we were looking for. he then did the most unenergetic hand gesture known to man. it was like a wrist flop. and gestures to the paper that is RIGHT INFRONT OF US.


we got to the till, and the paper was there too. and by the entrance.

aitkin jolly / harper's bazaar

i know i'm not usually on the whole fashion photographer sceeeene, that's lazz's territory. but this editorial reminded me raw of red wine and chocolate.
to be honest, made me a little hungry.

and y'all know i cant resist a gold lame hareem pant.


scribe fire!

so. I've downloaded Scribe Fire as an add on for my supre firefox browser.
gah i love it.
basically means you guys are going to get inundated with blog posts from now on.

so. anyways, NEW ERA CAPS.
just went on the website, and fell in love with two... one's £29.99:

2nd hat is even more supre.. but less mad patterned, its £24.99.
Which one to buy?!

i <3 diddo

look at this wallpaper!

o lord the boredom

it's only been.. 25 minutes of not being at work today and i've already send millyons of twitter messages, blogged about MOST THINGS, and i'm bored.


i need someone to come to hobbycraft with me to get stuff to patch up larry's bday present.
hoping kaishia's awake.
also, got to go to coral's performance thingy.
also got to drop mr alice off at CCC, he's a bit dirty.

in the meantime, check out these mighty fine wetsuits by Diddo


my mamma said to me my blog is too materialistic.
i said tis nay.. i have art on it.
she said i want to own that art.

i got in a huff.

how can i make it less materialistic?
can nay be sheeshed.
so i guess this post was completely useless?
NAY. i will use it for something..

the new Nike RT1's in purple and white.
lawdy that's a fine colour combination. although if i owned them i'd be tempted to take a glue gun, pokemon toys and some acrylic paint to them.....

yummy poke-themed kicks..
or is that taking my geeking too far?

laser etched macbooks...

so cute.
i want the rene magritte one. SO COOOL.

*art geek*

Friday, May 15, 2009

yearbook page!!

so for my school's yearbook, each person gets one page to decorate and do as they like... here's mine!!

possibly the coolest thing i've posted on my blog...


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sir Jam Courier

Based on the colours of the ever wonderful and ever crap courier company DHL, Reebok have brought out the Sir Jam pack... interesting.

I love the trainer.. hate DHL, they ruin my parcels.
also... dhl as an inspiration?!

larry will be pleased.. *shifty looks*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

strength of Character?

Possibly the coolest and bestest idea I've heard of in a while. This mad Finnish company called Character take old discarded letters from the huge neon shop signs when they get taken down, reload the neon tubes with LED lights so they can glow indoors on minimal power, and sell them on.

I want one.
FF only one 'M' letter left... Darg 250 Euros.

Cement Jewellery

boootiful. Cement made a new line focusing on various aspects of different cultures. I'm on the Day of the Dead skull. yummy.

Shohei Otomo

dont know anything about the artist, other that I love his art. Sort of a retake on ukiyo-e artwork juxtaposed with modern day japanese stereotypes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Marina Bychkova

ok, they're a bit graphic and sexual yada yada, faisal you can start complaining if you really feel the need, but i think they're really beautiful.
that mix of something reaally taboo and not seen, female nude form, on something so vunerable like a doll seems to work. they look so delicate! and the features are so perfectly formed. love it. so yes. to some they're gross, and moan all you like, but i think they're stunning. i want one, they seem more like pieces of art than anything else.

bit random...

kaysi sent me this.. its a spirit level you slot onto the top of your camera to make sho your horizons are logical. yes. after seeing star trek twice, and falling in love with zachary quinto.. logical is the new word. but yeah this device, pretty uninteresting as a camera accessory, but i'd be on having at least 10 of these on a chain. noooice mayte. imagine that levelled goodness. im on buying some JUST to make a necklace.

art attack II

i know i've already ranted about the kuniyoshi exhibit, but lordy i am SO excited to go see it. please someone be up for seeing it too.
the colours, the lines, the composition, THE MAD MAD MAD CONTENT OF IT ALL?! so surreal and magical. gah i love ukiyo-e.

(click to check out the skeleton print... my favourite)

Monday, May 11, 2009

art attack I

starting with Ron English.
Any man who paints KISS make up onto a 17th century baroque painting is in my eyes, pretty chill. i dare anyone to say different, no joke i'll throw pie at you. not even good pie. i'll throw walnut pie at y'all, and everyone knows, walnut pie is not really pie at all.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


holy moly mother of all things wonderful. the super fresh (minty i'd say) brand AMBUSH have teamed up with hello kitty to produce tHE most wonderful necklaces known to man. not even kidding. fosho these things are fantastical.

shout outs

loving the blog wayne, i'll be checking it instead of engadget, so you best update it often.

not even lying.. i've bookmarked it and everything.

secondly... i'm not sure if i love them or not...
the wolverine high tops are fresh.. but are they too fresh?
they seem rushed, and there was no hype for them either...

tut tut nike, are we getting sloppy? two different shaped trainers.. one theme, BARELY LINKED?
i'm actually saddened by this pack.
The Wolverine & Sabretooth pack:

utagawa kuniyoshi

one of the last great ukiyo-e artists, AND HIS WORK'S IN LONDON!!!

can nay wait. ACTUALLY CANT WAIT.

*is raw japanese art geek*

fumie sasabuchi baby

now i'm not normally into the whole scary art scene, but this was just too cool to ignore.
sasabuchi reworks the ole fashion pages of some fancy magazine, but plays with the theme of skin as a feeble protection against death. fresh methinks?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

coraline dunks...

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! i want these BEYOND MUCH. i think i'll cry if i dont get to at least touch a pair.

TAILS?! ON TRAINERS?! TAILS!!!! goddamn i need a pair of trainers with tails.