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Monday, April 19, 2010

home is where the heart is

And if that's true, I'm feeling now that I have two homes. One obviously in London with my amazing family and wonderful friends, and the other here in Cambridge with the guys and dolls at Fitz.
Yesterday was lovely, I rearranged my room so now I have a MASSIVE floor space, like 4 or 5 people could happily squidge in with eachother and sleep on it. It's humoungous.
Because it's so big, Jen and I decided it was the perfect place for the giant inflatable "boudoir" that she had brought to be placed.
Cue a very very long time sitting in my room blowing it up, and some really bad/funny innuendoes. Perhaps they were only funny because we had no oxygen left going to our brains.

"I just realised, my head's in your crotch, and I'm blowing really hard.."

"It's impossible to blow when it's hard"

"Why isn't it going up, at all?"
"Maybe we're just better at blowing than you are.."

"Right Kim, get blowing."

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Friday, April 16, 2010

alice in harrods-land

After my second outing in Knightsbridge (with the cutest couple in the world, EVER) I whored the Alice in Wonderland windows at Harrods.
I think my favourite part of the entire display was the choice of wall-dressing. The stripes, though black and white and identical in each window, really bring a little madness to the displays. I think without the repetitive stripes, the clutter and mis-matched-ness of the windows would be just that, ugly clutter.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Just went a whoring on Topshop.com, and after spying a VERY flattering photograph of that pale chick from Girls Aloud in topshop's flowery jeans, I was determined to find out more about this cut of denim.
Then I saw this:
Really topshop?
IF you want me or indeed anyone else to buy these jeans from your website, jeans that, by the nature of being skinny-fit JEANS should make your butt look AMAZING, why oh WHY did you stick THIS PHOTOGRAPH ON THERE?

I'm not going to lie, it gave me a little stab of excitement. As much as I do love topshop, I hate that everyone else loves topshop. If I buy anything from there, I know I'm going to see at least 10 other people rocking that garment within the week. Sooo, when they mess up slightly, like with a horrific photograph of a product, I feel a little (very pathetic) stab of "YESS" spark off inside me. Perhaps this bad photograph will mean that nobody else will buy those jeans. It'll just be me and pale chick from Girls Aloud. And her, being the super-famous-a-list-jet-setting-citizen of the world that she clearly is, is now unable to wear those jeans a second time. Wearing something more than once? ICK. Wearing something from the high-street more than once? Double ICK.

Stupid unreachable-fantasy.

I might go try them on as a test. The massive expanse that is now my behind would probably look okay in those jeans. My huge buttocks would stretch the denim away from any potential and horrific ruching as seen in that photo.
Having ridiculous genes and the ability to eat 3 cadbury's microwave puddings in 7 minutes DOES have some advantages...

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pink, shiny & cheap

Today, while waiting for Coral's hair appointment to end, me and the ma went shopping around Knightsbridge to see what was on offer. First stop was H&M, where I picked up some basic tees and vest tops; after my massive clear out of stuff I don't like/haven't worn for 2 years or so, I have about 3 t-shirts left for every-day wear.
Not Enough.

I was pretty upset with the design scope available at the Knightsbridge branch, usually it has way more interesting stuff than any of the other West London stores. Today however, it was quite basic, especially in their 'Divided' section. I was cheered up however, by these beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL shoes..

I spied them as I was coming down the escalators, and it was like one of those scenes in a soppy vintage romance film. Set scene: The leading actress is walking down the stairs heading off the boat/aeroplane/escalator that she has journeyed upon for MONTHS. She holds onto her hat to prevent it from blowing away in the overpowering, yet somehow glamorous wind. She steps away from her modem of transport, lonely and cold from the lack of love she has felt on her long and arduous  journey. All of a sudden, she looks to her stage right, as though her eyes are drawn there by some inexplicable but glorious force, and her face lights up with joy. She has seen the man/shoes for her! The one(s) that she will spend the rest of her life with. The one(s) that will support her endlessly, providing her with a steamy, passionate relationship and spectacularly defined calf muscles.
The credits roll as our heroine collapses into the arms of her loved one/cashier, sobbing as she realises that she has got exactly what she wants.

I actually leapt upon these wedges as soon as I was off the escalator, and got more than a few dirty looks from the sloanes walking past them and declaring them (and me in my orange denim) tacky.
Unfortunately for me, and my finances, I tried them on.
They fit like a dream thanks to H&M's made-for-me decision to sell the shoes in half sizes. When I saw the label declaring the wonder-wedges to be a 5.5, my heart skipped a beat. I actually wore them around the shop while I was picking things up for the changing rooms, and got told off my a shop-assistant when he asked if I was going to buy them and I replied "uhhh".
Unluckily for me (and really, for H&M Knightsbridge), my bank balance could only stretch to a £23.70 spend today, so the shoes had to remain alone, and forlorn on the shelf. But you can bet your sweet-ass I'm buying them. I don't know when, or where, but they WILL be mine..

I just noticed how well the colour scheme of the pink&black wedges works with my blog layout. It's sad, but it's just another reason why they HAVE to be mine.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

fan gal

Call me a geek,
but I need one of these:

1. It is on a gold chain.
2. With another overdraft, I can buy it.
3. It will help me turn back time/pause it so I can pass my exams.

I think that is everything that you want from a piece of jewellery, non?

Available from The Noble Collection on Amazon.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

bleep bleep

I've been a bad blogger. Sorry.

Lately, the workload has tripled, and then doubled. And then sat on my bed staring at me whispering mean things about me behind my back. Perhaps that's too elaborate of a metaphor to describe simple work stress, but I am freaking out a little bit about exams next term. I've heard from lots of people at Fitz that Cambridge shuts down in exam term, there are one or two weeks of fun, then it's silence until the madness of May Week. Which I cannot WAIT for.

Because I have a lot a lot of work to be doing, obviously, I have found things other than Japanese grammar and the Cold War in East Asia to study. I've also spent a lot of time making/customising clothes I dont wear ready for the summer. My theory is, if I'm going to stress out and go mental next term, I might as well do it looking fresh and knowing a bunch of random facts about old artists.

Anyway, enough useless information. This post is primarily just to get me back in the swing of posting something vaguely interesting regularly, and the vaguely interesting item of today is this amazing short film from OneMoreProduction. They make some pretty sweet videos,  so check them out by clicking here.
Here is one of their most popular hits, apparently in the first 24 hours of it being uploaded, it already caught one million views! It's most definitely worth a watch..

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

many vile earthlings munch jam sandwiches under newspaper PILES

I found this collection of posters by Ross Berens on my daily/nightly clicks and fell in love, the little differences between each poster make the series graphically and aesthetically very interesting, as well as lending a unique stylistic feel to each planet. To buy a big glossy set for yourself, click here.

I'm super chuffed that Pluto is included.

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

happy easter!

hope every one is having an egg-selent day.

I'm having a lovely, hangover-fuelled day after last nights shamefully early and poisonous celebrations post-boat race victory.

This morning, I had hoped that pancake and egg-sessive chocolate intake would cure my "wading-through-off-treacle" feeling, but I'm feeling worse than ever. The only thing that's keeping me going is coffee, super-noodles and the sunday papers. Right now, this is the most luxurious setting. I have tamla motown gold on repeat, a big cup of joe warming my chilly fingers, my corny vintage rabbit-fur jumper on and this WONDERFUL spread from Sunday Times' style magazine in front of me.

Apologies for the poor quality of these scans, I'm working with one my dad bought in the early 90's.
But the colours are all truthful.. Super Candy Coloured Yum.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

when life gives you lemons

I'm feeling inspired tonight,
Not sure why, I just am.

I have this intense urge to get up and GO. And do something, but I don't even know what. I even tried jumping on my stupid foam mattress to get my energy gone, but being foam and all, the mattress wasn't much for bouncing.

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