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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tattly & Good News!

As some of you know, I've been mad stressed the last few weeks about whether or not I'd get into the History of Art course at Cambridge to finish Part II of my degree. Today I found out I have! I'm mad excited and so happy. I can't wait to start - already bugging out on amazon over which book/quarter of a book to buy with the £12 left of my overdraft.

In other news, now that I've given up on ever figuring out what my password was for my old twitter account, or which email address I used to set it up (don't even remember that), I've started a new one to keep track of various blogs. On my brand new twitter feed I read about this dope new site Tattly, which sells design conscious temporary tattoos. While I'm more than happy with the average ebay fodder of butterflies and roses, these tats are so cute, and pretty funny.
My favourites are the 'You're Late' watch (remember when kids used to draw unbelievably shit rolex watches on their wrists in biro???) and the skintone 'tattone' square.

CUTE! I'm going to buy this and you betcha I'm going to run around asking, "hey you want to know what time it is???"
When I want to be edgy(er - that is a classic 80's design in the watch tat), I'll wear this skin-tone faux pantone tatt. I used to buy those useless postcards from paperchase of just block colour - I thought I was so cool, until I realised they looked awful on my wall, and the gloss took away from the idea of tone. Silly postcards.

Click the images for higher resolution, and check out http://tatt.ly/ for more dope designs.

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