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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


MOCA has been invaded by French street artist Invader as a part of its exhibition 'Art in the Streets'. His artwork is inspired by the lo-res graphics in old school games like space invaders, and the mosaic characters he produces have conquered cities all across the globe, Paris (yeahobvs), London, New York, Tokyo, Bangkok, Milan and Los Angeles. I love the few I spot when I make the rare trek out to liverpool street to spend all my money on overpriced vintage(/producedtolookvintage-wtf?) clothing. Anyhow, after having a peek at some of the photos of his work featured at MOCA, I was all like, 'yo- I don't know aanything about his other artwork'. So, after you've 'peeked' at his work in MOCA (click here for hypebeast's post on the subject), come back to look at his aaamazing rubiks/rubix cube collections.

Invader has produced a collection of work that makes me save every image and go "wuuuuuh" everytime I look at them. Using rubiks cubes and moving the colours around to fit the needs of the image he wishes to replicate, Invader recreates famous photographs and paintings in this too-cool medium.
I secretly hope he's a rubiks cube genius, and isn't like me. I peel the stickers off the cubes and move them about. My parent's used to think I was a child genius with my super fast rubiks cube solutions..

 Mario Divided (2005)

 Rubik Origine (2006)

 Rubik 9-11 (2006)

 Rubik Target (2006)

Rubik A Bomb (2008)

 Rubik Kubrick (2006)

Rubik Mona Lisa (2005) (330 Rubiks cubes waaaaaaa!)

To see more of this work visit Invader's website YO

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