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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Don't Forget Japan

With the horrific things happening in Libya and the Ivory Coast, it's easy to forget that Japan has moved 4 meters into the pacific and our days are now slightly shorter than they used to be.
As much as the events occurring in Africa need our attention, please don't forget to donate some money to the efforts to rebuild those areas most affected by the Sendai earthquake- it seems that because this tragedy occurred in a developed nation, it is playing less on the Western world's minds. Your help is still needed. Here are the good links:

And also, a few interesting articles surrounding the boom in graphic design relating to the Japan Crisis - is a 'fashionable' disaster a good thing? Is the huge output of posters, t-shirts and other "save Japan" merchandise a good thing? (Like Paweł Durczok's piece that I've featured above)
Personally, I think that in most cases it can't do much bad.. The reputable and non-satanic companies are donating 100% of profits to Japan, so, if anything, it's only furthering knowledge and concern over the issue, but I see the argument. Perhaps buying a t-shirt and parading it, or a poster and hanging it up in the kitchen isn't the most sensitive reaction. Debate is always good though.

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