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Friday, February 25, 2011

then wonder why the fuck we thugs

In late 2010 the Open Source Gallery in Brooklyn was bust up by a fire in a neighbouring building, and most people figured that since the repair work would take 6 months or so, those behind the gallery would lose touch with modern art trends or take their fingers off the proverbial button for a while. However, earlier this year the gallery began displaying artwork again, albeit not actually inside the building.
Using the plywood currently covering the gallery space whilst the building is being repaired, the Open Source Gallery decided to "exist as a peripatetic operation", or as we know it, as an even more "open" gallery. To start the year Allison Read Smith's work is covering the plywood. Her series of drawings on police shooting-range targets titled "Thugs" is both humorous and thought-provoking - a super duper combo, riiiight?

On her work, Smith says "I have never found artist's statements particularly helpful. It seems a lot of 'my work' and 'i feel' and 'dualities' and 'embodiments' ad infinitum. I do, however love stories about why something was made or what in their youth, perhaps, it is reminiscent of. So, here we go... "I feel my work embodies dualities"."
I love her just from that statement. However, there is a reason behind her work. A few years ago Smith was attacked by a group, and whilst she wasn't hurt, she admits to being scared. As with many people attacked, shock means you can't remember much about your attacker, if anything, a stereotype of who you feel should have, or who you feel is most likely to have attacked you is all that remains. 
Smith's series takes the familiar image of a police shooting-range target (with the controversial image of a "stereotypical" gunman) and edits it to make the attacker comedic and less of the stereotype we all expect. Smith says her series is "an attempt to retrieve levity from fear. My thugs are mean or funny or sad or pitiful; they are good and bad all at once. They are the aggressor and the victim."
So, enjoy..

Visit the Open Source Gallery's website here... 

or more of Allison's work here...


Saturday, February 12, 2011

For A Good Friend

A close friend of mine has recently started a 3 month tour of America, and despite the fact I don't see him as much as I hope I could, I'll definitely miss him. I found these images created by Luis Gispert (click) titled "My Favourite Kind of American" and the images, each of a completely unique landscape shown from the inside of a car made me think of Tom and his travels. Not because he'll be in a car all the time, but because of all the amazing experiences I'm sure he'll enjoy and all of the new people he will meet.

I'm beyond jealous, and I can't wait till you're back with a million stories to tell.

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

the perfect...

On the daily clicks I stumbled on the most wonderful set of infographics. I already fell in love with Ross Berens' beautiful solar system posters (mostly because he included Pluto), and everyone knows that despite my love for astrophysics (loltrue) I also love cocktails, especially now I've found bars that serve them for £3.
Anyway, I found Fabio Rex's "delicious drinks illustrations" and saved ALL of them. I'm planning a massive printing session in the library later, planetary bodies will adorn my walls along with these bad boys in just under an hour.

close your eyes and make a wish

There have been so many birthdays lately that I really wish I'd found this ring a month or so ago.

The 'Make A Wish' ring designed by Bettina Nissen is possibly the cutest birthday present ever. Either buried into the cake with the candle lit, or presented in the beautiful black casing you buy it in, it's too lovely. I might be gushing everywhere, but it's a lovely way of remembering a birthday.

Without the candle, the ring (which comes in a variety of different materials including stainless steel, gold plated and dyed red, yellow or blue) is something I'd definitely wear even without the little flame burning atop it.
From £20, available on Betta's own site.