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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lazy Post

This is an unashamedly lazy post - today I went on a really really long walk all around acton, taking photos for an over ambitious and slightly obsessive guide-book for a friend who's going to be house-sitting for me. Then I came back and did yoga to make myself feel like I actually had done exercise and not just walking. So my energy for writing loads about something interesting is all used up - soz.
Instead of writing something interesting for y'all to read, I'm just going to regurgitate images I love from various street style blogs, my favourites being The Streethearts, Hanneli Mustaparta & Facehunter.

Hanneli's offerings are usually of super glossy, mad beautiful models off duty, and I love looking at all the wonderful after-show outfits teamed with on-show make up & hair. I've saved these two images mostly because of the women's attitudes, they're both so different but both so imposing.
I love this lady with her cute little hood, I wish I could wear hoods. The cut of the coat doesn't look like it would lend itself to this sweet little fur-lined cap hood, but it does, mad cute. Maaad cute.  I saved the other girl because she looks pretty sick. BAD ASS sick. I wish I had the proportions to wear buttoned up shirts, whenever I do I don't look androgynous, I just look like a man.

Facehunter's blog I love for the diversity, there are so many different styles, places and people featured, I feel well traveled just for reading. I love the play with hemlines in both of these girls' outfits. A mid-length dress over a long skirt and some mad crazy cutaway maxi, both fit. The girl in pink and black reminds me of a Mondrian image (cheeky bit of art knowledge there), all cut out and blocked with squares of colour. fittttt. I wish she didn't have that bit of dead animal tail on her bag though.

My favourite by far, even just for the name, is The Streethearts blog, they photograph mad cool people that I want to be, and focus on providing a diverse spread across all ages, fashion capitals and styles. Dooope. This old guy stole my heart with his amazing coat and even more amazing date. They both look so cool, I can only hope to be so fly when I'm going grey. The guy steals the show though, that red coat is MAD cool, and needs nothing more than hisself and that mustache.

Sorry it's been so lazy - tomorrow's post will be waaay better I'm sure.