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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monsters in Wonderland

I remember back in the day when Dragon's Den was still good and they didn't have the nice soft spoken guy or the crap Australian guy on it. When it was still good and me and the fam would sit down and watch it together. I remember this one time little yearning-for-cool-magazines-me was hypnotised by this guy who came on presenting his idea for the magazine Wonderland. He got rawwwwly shot down, but still produced the dope publication off his own back/different investors.
Recently the magazine featured this cool, crazy, sccccurrry spread full of amazing styling, lovely deep-dark shadows and not-unnattractive boys.

Kevin Mackintosh for Wonderland, featuring Sid Ellisdon, Taras Koltun and O'Shea Robertson all styled by Way Perry. (Such cool names too.)

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