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Monday, March 28, 2011

Lundberg Loses It

A couple of nights ago, in a hazy panicky (oh-god-i'm-late-and-drunk) freak out I parked my bike somewhere in london in order to get the piccadilly line. I do not remember which piccadilly line tube stop I got on at. The usual suspects are normally Hammersmith, Leicester square, Covent Garden, Holborn or if I've been a total wanker and gone up to north east for the jokes of it, Seven Sisters on the Victoria line. Now I have to go find my bike. I'm not happy about this and the fact I have only myself to blame for what will be an expensive bike-hunt is making me even more angry.

HOWEVER. There is a lot that's cool about bikes - not mine, mine has 3 gears, the highest of which is literally like the 2nd gear on most children's cycles. My bike also has a basket that's bent out of shape and a stand that is so wonky it makes a tuneful strumming noise as it plucks the spokes of my back wheel when I go faster than jogging speed.
But back to the cool stuff. Going down hills. The best part about living at the top of Castle hill, other than proximity to both Tandoori palace and the thriving squirrel colony, is going down the hill super fast, with all my books and laptop and chunky heavy stuff in the basket to tug me down even faster. I think I'm so cool when I'm doing that, but obvs I just look like a poodle somebody's pointing a hairdryer at.
Erik Lundberg is one of those crazy/cool people that spends nuff money on skate equipment so he can ride super fast down hills and possibly fall to his death. BUT, mostly he doesn't fall off, and mostly he just has a GREAT TIME. Here's a dope video by Kenny Luby documenting a day in the life of Lundberg as he attempts to not "lose it" on a hill.