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Friday, May 06, 2011


It's that time of year again where I hole myself up in my room, pretending to revise for the impending doom that is Cambridge exam season, when actually I'm watching back-to-back Gossip Girl and wishing I had devious 'frenemies' to scheme with/against. Sometimes I also put on a one-woman play, usually my own version of Stomp using my desk and any cutlery, mugs or tupperware I've hoarded over the past few weeks.

Anyway, here is my little 'hiatus' sign, saying I will be AWOL for a long long time, until late June at least when I'll start blogging again, telling you all the crazy amazing things I've done, like (hopefully) not failing 2nd year, going to balls and garden parties, and drinking so much in a night that my limbs shake the morning after. Sounds like a GOOD TIME.

Anyway, since I know you'll all be lost without me and my posts I've decided to share something my good friend Rebecca posted on facebook as while ago. It's an amazing video from an even more amazing website, and said website is a source of excellent procrastination. If you, like me, can think of a million things more enjoyable than being productive, then check out this site. It's not only a good distraction, it's funny and insanely informative. I feel like I can hold the intellectual and moral highground on MANY a topic after perusing it.

My personal favourite is 'The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions', a wonderful pyramid I studied instead of studying Japanese. It's SO accurate. Hot strangers out there - add me.
Also, in case you are feeling satisfied with the world's fiscal state, watch the video that got me onto the site in the first place - 'Debtris' by Information is Beautiful.net


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