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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Never Late

I'm one of those people that sets their clock 5 minutes fast so that I'm never/not normally less late than I would be otherwise. On some searches I found this really super cute clock by Diamantini & Domeniconi. The "On Time" Clock, that throws you an extra 3 minutes of time by putting a wee kink in the minute hand. Very sweet.

via core77

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vogue Japan

Does it again, man I wish I was better at Japanese/had the money to subscribe to this magazine. Their editorials always blow me out with colours, shapes & clothes. I best keep my Japanese up, whether I'm graduating in it or not. I spotted this editorial when flicking around the web after being massively pissed off with facebook. Apparently there's a limit to how many messages you can send - but because of the new chat system, where your threads appear in a wee chat box (allowing you to spam away unheeded), I never received the warning. But I'm still receiving the punishment, NO MORE MESSAGES. Unbelievably irritating. I even joined Google+ in a fit of rage and filled out the introduction in a weird way.
Anyway, here is the wonderful editorial, Perfection in Couture Kate Moss by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott for Vogue Japan May 2011.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Doze Green

I'm mad ashamed it's taken me so long to get to know this artist - on the daily clicks about I spotted some of Doze Green's work on Word Is Bond (quickly becoming one of my favourite sites). His style of unpredictable linework, vibrant and aggressively in-your-face colour use with soft textures and curves is so refreshing. Doze describes his style of cramped cluster portraits, featuring a host of different people and creatures, all vying for your attention as a tribute or allegory to the Italian Renaissance painters such as Michelangelo who painted deities closely together, competing for space within the work.

Green recently exhibited at the Jonathon Levine Gallery (where the above image of Doze's E-din was downloaded from). The exhibition, titled The Left Hand Path explored ideas of energy and matter, and how our consciousness and ideologies refer back to and often conflict with them. His use of saintly host composition with ethereal and often futuristic monster characters fights with the viewer's imagination - from what we recognise as the norm for this composition we expect gentle saviours to greet us from the canvas, instead we are struck with scary and challenging creatures that appear man-made. The man made robotic aspect of Doze's ethereal deities must be a comment on modern organised religion, at least I hope it is, otherwise I've missed the point entirely...

Check out some more of Green's work on his website or facebook page, and like always, click these images for higher resolutions. For a much better analysis of Doze's work, check out the Jonathon Levine Gallery website, where they explain his Left Hand Path and some of his work.

edit: just went on booooooom and found a video of doze green & mars-1 in a collab art project. Doze's commentary is a little hard to follow at times, but definitely worth a watch.

MARS1 & DOZE GREEN from Colin M Day on Vimeo.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still Lazy

But I had to share this track I just half-heartedly danced around to in my room with you all. I'd dance more enthusiastically for sure but I'm so tired from all that out of character exercise/walking slowly.
I just flicked over to Et Musique Pour Tous and this wonderful remix by Shindu of Happy House came on.
Have a wee listen why don't you, and dance whole-heartedly for me.

Shindu - Happy House


Lazy Post

This is an unashamedly lazy post - today I went on a really really long walk all around acton, taking photos for an over ambitious and slightly obsessive guide-book for a friend who's going to be house-sitting for me. Then I came back and did yoga to make myself feel like I actually had done exercise and not just walking. So my energy for writing loads about something interesting is all used up - soz.
Instead of writing something interesting for y'all to read, I'm just going to regurgitate images I love from various street style blogs, my favourites being The Streethearts, Hanneli Mustaparta & Facehunter.

Hanneli's offerings are usually of super glossy, mad beautiful models off duty, and I love looking at all the wonderful after-show outfits teamed with on-show make up & hair. I've saved these two images mostly because of the women's attitudes, they're both so different but both so imposing.
I love this lady with her cute little hood, I wish I could wear hoods. The cut of the coat doesn't look like it would lend itself to this sweet little fur-lined cap hood, but it does, mad cute. Maaad cute.  I saved the other girl because she looks pretty sick. BAD ASS sick. I wish I had the proportions to wear buttoned up shirts, whenever I do I don't look androgynous, I just look like a man.

Facehunter's blog I love for the diversity, there are so many different styles, places and people featured, I feel well traveled just for reading. I love the play with hemlines in both of these girls' outfits. A mid-length dress over a long skirt and some mad crazy cutaway maxi, both fit. The girl in pink and black reminds me of a Mondrian image (cheeky bit of art knowledge there), all cut out and blocked with squares of colour. fittttt. I wish she didn't have that bit of dead animal tail on her bag though.

My favourite by far, even just for the name, is The Streethearts blog, they photograph mad cool people that I want to be, and focus on providing a diverse spread across all ages, fashion capitals and styles. Dooope. This old guy stole my heart with his amazing coat and even more amazing date. They both look so cool, I can only hope to be so fly when I'm going grey. The guy steals the show though, that red coat is MAD cool, and needs nothing more than hisself and that mustache.

Sorry it's been so lazy - tomorrow's post will be waaay better I'm sure.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tattly & Good News!

As some of you know, I've been mad stressed the last few weeks about whether or not I'd get into the History of Art course at Cambridge to finish Part II of my degree. Today I found out I have! I'm mad excited and so happy. I can't wait to start - already bugging out on amazon over which book/quarter of a book to buy with the £12 left of my overdraft.

In other news, now that I've given up on ever figuring out what my password was for my old twitter account, or which email address I used to set it up (don't even remember that), I've started a new one to keep track of various blogs. On my brand new twitter feed I read about this dope new site Tattly, which sells design conscious temporary tattoos. While I'm more than happy with the average ebay fodder of butterflies and roses, these tats are so cute, and pretty funny.
My favourites are the 'You're Late' watch (remember when kids used to draw unbelievably shit rolex watches on their wrists in biro???) and the skintone 'tattone' square.

CUTE! I'm going to buy this and you betcha I'm going to run around asking, "hey you want to know what time it is???"
When I want to be edgy(er - that is a classic 80's design in the watch tat), I'll wear this skin-tone faux pantone tatt. I used to buy those useless postcards from paperchase of just block colour - I thought I was so cool, until I realised they looked awful on my wall, and the gloss took away from the idea of tone. Silly postcards.

Click the images for higher resolution, and check out http://tatt.ly/ for more dope designs.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Eyvind Earle & Sleeping Beauty

Last night I went to a friends house for the best film night I've had in a long time - a disney marathon. Laz & Kaishia kept me laughing all night, my tummy hurt this morning from it all. While my favourite disney film always has and always will be the jungle book, I watched Sleeping Beauty for the first time since I was about 7, (yes I am still scared of Maleficent) and while we all agreed that we were too tired/the story was too boring to enjoy it fully, the visual side of the film was fantastic.

I did some googling, and the man behind the amazing settings and backgrounds was Eyvind Earle, an artist famous not only for his silk screen and Serigraphs, but also (as I know him) for his pioneering work as a backgrounds artist for Disney. According to the fount of all knowledge - wikipedia, Earle is widely accredited with giving Sleeping Beauty the magical and modern feel that it has throughout.

In 1951 Earle joined Disney as a full time assistant background painter. A year and a bit later, with the production of Toot, Whistle, Plunk & Boom under his belt, Earle's distinctive artistic style was noticed, and he was given the responsibility of the backgrounds for Sleeping Beauty.

Production of the animated effects and background scenes of Sleeping Beauty began in 1953, and it wasn't until 1959 that the film was released. The Disney studios had already made two films based on fairy tales by the early 1950s, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937) and Cinderella (1950). To make Sleeping Beauty stand out from its predecessors, Disney wanted to rid themselves of the typical rounded, cute Disney image. It was because of this, and Earle's (unexpected) commercial success with Toot, Whistle, Plunk & Boom earlier that year that he was chosen as the colour stylist and chief background illustrator. His intricate yet fuss-free style of illustration, with focus on bold colour and form made his work for Sleeping Beauty an instant hit. My favourite scenes are the darker, spookier ones, where Earle instils a sense of menace with sharp forms and bold, but still disney-friendly colours.


In HD, (Wayne as ever had the film on Blu-ray), the film is serrrriously beautiful. I'd watch it again just to pause it and take pictures, it's that lovely to look at. I'm not a fan of the story though, mostly because it all seems too easy, and Maleficent chose a shitty weapon of doom, why not a gurt big kitchen knife or something like that? Spinning wheel, watevz.

I had a peek at some of Earle's other work on his website, and his pieces are definitely worth a look, they all incorporate his wonderful angular style and fearless use of dark shadows. The black in some of his serigraphs and oils makes the colours pop so loudly, it's wonderful. I especially love his use of boldly and unashamed unrealistic scale and form. It really does turn otherwise commonly depicted scenes into something magical.

Click on the images for a higher resolution, but I seriously recommend heading over to www.eyvindearle.com to see the full collection of his work - his watercolours and oils especially. Serigraphs and silk screen printing requires bold shapes, but he manages to retain the strength of his bold angular forms in watercolour - something I loooove.

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