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Saturday, January 30, 2010


After my weird late night obsession (not the first) with hubble telescope star shots, I've been on the hunt for some photographers that incorporate the surreal, dream-like quality of the cosmos shots into their work. Funnily enough, entering "surreal dream-like quality of the cosmos photography" into google doesn't bring up many viable hits..

Who I did find though, on my art-blog run, was Margaret Durow, a fantastic photographer who I can't really class as a portrait artist or as a fashion photographer. Her pieces seem to be portrait photographs taken in a land-scape manner, or perhaps vice-versa? The soft dreamy quality of her work, to me, echoes the colour work of William Eggleston, without the stark (and often ugly) truth hiding behind it.

Her work seems very child-like to me, in the best possible way. Every subject appears angelic and innocent, but completely anonymous, much like the memories we recall from our childhood. While I have in the past ranted endlessly about the horrible effects of bad developing, the murky colours and over-exposed skies in Durow's work fits the theme of her colour collection perfectly. Everything is like an old family movie playing on loop with faces you can't quite make out, but recognise instantly.

These photographs make me want to go back to trawling ebay for expired film and fail-developing it in my bathtub for grey-blue pictures. Perhaps once the Fitzwilliam darkroom is fixed up, I'll be making some dream-sequence-star-inspired shots of my own?
Or maybe I'll just take annoying unflattering photographs of everyone while they're cooking. Either way, another favourite artist to add to the ranks; Margaret Durow.


let me see your bestest wiine

Last night was nice, I think? They played pon de floor mixes like 4 times, which was good but annoying after a while. All I could think of was the video, and I kept cracking up while dancing, I raw wanted to find some steps and jump-rape someone.
(joking.. ish)

Pon De Floor featuring Afro Jack & VYBZ Cartel from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

After I got in and had munched down enough shreddies and stolen pizza (apologies), I spent like an hour staring at star pictures, which I'm suffering for today with some next weird intense hangover that I've never experienced before. I didn't even drink THAT much, so I'm sure its the staring at a screen off my face for a while imagining the mysteries of the cosmos that dun gun give me this headache.

Friday, January 29, 2010

goo goo ga ga

Still in the middle of my Gaga obsession, mostly now with that song So Happy I Could Die? The one where its pretty embarrassing if you have headphones on, sing along and are surrounded by non-gaga fans.

I just ate so much food I feel like I might be sick/die from stomach bloat, I've had two portions of cream covered pasta, 3 chocolate bars and a whole jamaica ginger cake.. BLEGH. I'm off to see Precious tonight as well. I'll post a better/less gross/gaga post later xx

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Found this spread from Issue One of Archetype X Magazine. It's too cool not to post, plus the clothes are funky fresh. I love huge spreads that show a nice variety of styles.. Granted this one focuses on feminine power-shoulders, this new heart-shaped shoulder shape is rocking my socks, but the style moves through mad over the top stuff to a more conservative take on the fashion with suit jackets and neutral tones.

Is anyone else digging this model as much as I am? Her pissed-off facial expressions crack me up, but she's got some swagger in them too. I'd love to think I could pull off the Vuitton hair piece with that mad good pink fur, but I reckon only she can do that.

The afro might be pushing it a little.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

one man forever

If I had to, right now pick that one man...
It'd be Jeffrey Campbell. I know I'm late on the blogger's bandwagon, but I so desperately want a place a top that over-crowded bus. The man knows how to make amazing shoes. I secretly, deep, deep, deep down wish I was one of those girls that always wears killer shoes. Not like, "omagah them kicks is killaah", cos straight up, *brushes shoulder* I'm already PAST that chick. Cue coughing/laughing fits... ish?

When I say killer shoes, I mean killer shoes like bitch-height heels, like she can rock them 5 inchers up to the co-op to buy milk and aldi to get £3 martini. To drink at like.. 2... in the afternoon.
And if I ever do transform into an alocholic pin-up who has enough credit accounts can afford to buy the entire J.C. collection, I'll eat my hat, and then regurgitate it, cos I heard some of the dyes they use over at New Era are poisonous to consume.

That image from his SS/10 lookbook says it all. Click here to go download a copy for your own private perving. Otherwise, hit up this badass link for possibly the freshest selection of JC heels online.

structurally sound

Sorry I've been away and crappy at posting the past few weeks, grammar's been mounting, but now I have a spare fifteen minutes to share some a-maaaazing work with you.
On my daily clicks I discovered this; a collaboration between the London pairing the graphic designer Mathew Gill and fashion scene's Ann Nelving. The two worked together to produce a beautiful collection of what I guess could be called jewellery under the label Mode en Module. To me though, the pieces are far too dramatic and elaborate for "jewellery" to cover it.

Body structures? Caging? Not sure, but judge for yourself, I'm completely in love with it.
If I was less afraid of getting into debt, my student loan would be blown on one of these pieces. Probably the "body spine" piece. Arg, I'd dance about my room nudey with it draped around my back. Then get terrified my lock was going to fail again and hide under the duvet...

I'm loving how this piece makes the model look so ridiculously vulnerable but at the same time empowered. Perhaps that's just her swagger though. I'm loving the way the tiny strips of soft leather have been woven to form a solid shield to sit on the back of the neck, but then weakened by the scary needle/pin thing. Not even sure what it is, but it's pretty darn sexy.

I'd gobble this model right up if he wasn't so white and indie. But the pieces he's wearing here made me go down to the leather-working shop at the bottom of the hill and beg for off-cuts. I got them, dragged my carrier bag of shitty leather back to fitz and spent half an hour staring at it, thinking "wtf why".
The second piece, the long necklace thing, is confusing but yum. I love the slightly scientific vibe it has to it. I reckon I could rock that badboy with my horrid old white tee and rudeboy jeans. I'd look like some kind of strange chavvy scientist who had a vial of AMAZING MAGIC around her neck.

My favourite FAVOURITE FAVOURITE piece. Oh sweet jesus. Look at it.
Word's can't express the beauty of it. The construction is just perfect, the way in which the leather forms a second spine or armor along the upper back, then just around the waist, where the female form becomes softer, it branches out away. I'm loving that juxtaposition of hard and soft, protection and restriction. The top of the back seems to be shielding, while the front and waist area has a definite s&m vibe going on. Not that that's ever a bad thing in over-priced sublime leather jewellery.

To find more of the duo's fantastic work, head to the website Mode en Module, where all the images are sourced from.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

diandra forrest shawn ross

one of my favourite photos right now.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

aaaaah (top)sheeeeht

aw mans.

On my daily clicks I spied Queen Michelle's post on the new Topshop collection, SS10. UUUUUUUUUUUUGH.
I lovehate topshop. They have, from the looks of what Q.M posted, created heaven in garment form a hundred times over. And they're probably gonna charge up to heaven as well. UGH.
Stupid student-status and fail budgetting.

These be my favourite trouser options in the world ever created ever from now on ever.


Although, they would mean I'd have to moisterise, shave and generally look after my legs really really well. Which after a month of pulling off the 40 denier tights and jeans seems like so much hassle.

I take that back, these are my favourite trouser options in the world ever.
And I'd so look after my legs for these badboys.


Friday, January 15, 2010

it's been a WHILE

Sorry guys, I've been mad busy with Japanese this week, trying my best to catch up and still have a good time is super difficult. Like Jen said, the new years resolution is to work hard and play hard. I'll probably burn out by the 3rd week.

Apologies again, this is probably going to be a terrible post. On my daily (or hourly if I'm being honest) clicks I found a lovely short film, Moon Boy. The animation is lovely, and the story touching. It makes me want to fly away from this verb-conjugating mess on my own planet;

Moonboy from MoreFrames on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

innocent times & super bad porno

Imagine how lovely the world must have been when this was considered SUPER BAD PORNO:

On my daily clicks I found some of the artwork of Enoch Bolles, a Pin-up illustrator born in Florida in 1883. His work delights and frightens me; to me, while, yes the illustrations have sex appeal in the facial expressions and poses, they are so innocent compared to what is considered sexy by mens magazines today. Only 50 years ago these kinds of images would have been the equivalent of page 3 models. Makes me worry about what things will be like when I'm a granny and what my grandkids will be exposed to. Perhaps I worry too much, but eh.

Anyway, some more lovely artwork from one of the most famous and earliest glamour and pin-up illustrators;

I'm loving these two, the 1928 one makes me want a split side nightgowny thing to unwrap presents in. Highly doubt the fams would appreciate it though. I'd also like a flat belly too, if anyone up there is listening? Darn christmas dinners.

Just found out, the magazine Film Fun that Bolles painted covers for had to switch to photographic covers featuring celebrities and cancel the usual pin-up images that Enoch usually created in the early 40's late 30's, apparently they were going to be shut down for printing obscene images on the covers otherwise! How cute is that.


found £20 in my pocket

so happy.
I got on the 207 to go ealing and hunt for a book at waterstones and at the library. I straight up refused to not sit at the back of the bus, just because I'm wearing brogues, have bright green wesc's and am busting out my hogwarts top does not mean I will feel pressured out of the awesome seat at the back on the left, next to the radiator.

I was hoping that because it was like 11-noonish, none of the schooly kids would be out and about, but because of the snow school was cancelled. Hence, I was joined at the back by NUFFFF rudekids. Or at least they thought they were. Bloody 15 year olds. I remember that age, I thought I was the shit. Either way, I ended up sitting there staring out of the window praying they would stop playing chipmunk on their mobiles, the tinny noise was managing to leak through my huge headphones and disrupt my meditation music. Anyway, I ended up at primark, and in the changing rooms; £20 fell out of my pocket when i was getting my kit off. SO HAPPY.
With said £20 I bought 2 pairs of new jeans, pack of 5 sheer tights, sheer polkadotty tights and floral colourful tights. NUM. NUM. I have big plans for the sheer tights;


After that I got my new kicks sprayed up with special protective spray stuff by razzledazzle. They're so purdy I couldn't have them getting scuffed like the last pair. I'll post a pic of them later. When I can be arsed to charge my camera battery and put on trainers. My slippers are so comfy..

Anyone else super addicted to lookbook.nu? I feel I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon, but now that dropular is down I need my image fix desperately.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

places i want to be

Why is uni work so difficult?
Ugh. Frigging Cambridge.

If I could wave my magic wand (no innuendo) and magic myself far away from Japanese Grammar and Kanji rote, I'd be at one of these places, dancing in my hello kitty socks.

Night Night Yawl. x

Monday, January 04, 2010


Today has been an arty farty day; Larry got me off my ever growing arse and we went to the Michael Hoppen gallery to check out their exhibit on colour and gawsh at the prices. But after that I decided to have a skim through the Tale of Heike, a classical Japanese novel recounting the life of this super warrior dude during a big ole war in classical period Japan. It's lovely.

The main theme within the text is one of impermanence, and how all things that are beautiful are fleeting in nature; anything worth admiring won't be there to be admired for long. This attitude is apparently rife in Japanese culture, both in the past and in the present; it explains why still so many Japanese flock to hanami (cherry blossom viewing) gatherings around the nation in April for the one week where the trees are in full bloom. I think it's lovely.

Anyway, all this fleetingness of beauty talk reminded me of a passage from The Picture of Dorian Gray. The part where Lord Henry rips up the pink daisy, showing his penchant for destroying beautiful things, and as a forewarning of what he's going to do to poor wee Dorian. Either way, the hedonistic tone of the opening chapters and Lord Henry's highly persuasive monologues got me inspired. Tomorrow I hit primark. Shopping list? 2 white tees and 2 pairs of black jeans. And maybe a really slutty night-slip for use as an over-top.
I want beautiful things, and I want them destroyed;

Num num num, imagine a gauzey whorey slip underneath a safety pinned top and over mashed up jeans. With lace leggings of course. nyum nyum nyum. Wait till I get my grubby paws on that gear. xx

Saturday, January 02, 2010

lists and notes

the notes part...

the lists part...
stuff I'm looking forward to in 2010,
  • overhearing someone say something mean about you, and then watching them as they try to style it out into something flattering
  • waking up in the morning, realising I still have an hour left to sleep
  • first and second kisses
  • making new friends, spending time with old ones
  • singing badly in my shower at fitz, and not giving a damn
  • chai tea lattes with my starbucks card
  • holding hands (with kaishia)
  • knowing that someone misses you.
And something that's quite funny;

    who wants a lupe action figure?

    Not exactly an action figure, but Japanese Cartoon have released a vinyl toy that looks suspiciously like Lupe.
    Well, we all knew it was him doing vocals anyway.