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Friday, April 22, 2011

Rant. This is a SERIOUS Rant.

Also, don't read this if you want to enjoy the film Source Code. Just telling you now.

Photo by Jonathan Wenk – © 2010 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved (i dont wanna get sued y'all)

I have two issues with the film, Jake Gyllenhaal and the ending. Jake Gyllenhaal is UNBELIEVABLY HOT IN THE FILM. I was never a fan of beardy and his love for that underage guitar girl, but then I fell in love with his lips - they're like the ones I used to draw as a kid when I was trying to draw realistic lips and then I'd scrumple up the paper and get mad because those lips are just not realistic at all.

My second issue, the ending, is less positive. I have a serious, serious problem with the obsession over a sugary sweet happy ending. WHY IS IT ALWAYS NECESSARY? There comes a moment in the film (if you've seen it, you'll know what i'm ranting over), where Gyllenhaal is expecting to die, and he kisses the girl, and everyone is happy and its a beautiful bittersweet ending. Our protagonist has done what he needed to do, he has accepted that he must die, and has chosen to do it with dignity and some fine brunette ass. I thought it was a lovely way to end it, the scene freezes, everyone in the audience breathes out in relief- our boy has done good, wahoo.
But then some knob demanded a sugary, implausible, ridiculous ending. I know the whole film is pretty implausible anyway, but why the need to end the film by forcing our protagonist to live out the life he wanted to end?? Oh no, wait, they didn't give him the life he wanted to end, they gave him some random dude's life, set him loose in Chicago and with no money (because he bribed a shit comedian), but it's all ok, cos he's getting coffee with a hot chick he doesn't know.
Hollywood - stop it. I am not in dire need of you telling me that even if I die it's ok cos there's gonna be booty on the otherside, I know that already (i went to sunday school-duh).

Give me a blockbuster where the ending is beautiful not because its artificially happy, but because it is resolved.

Post Script
Just had a great debate with Wayne over the film, and I realised yet another horrific thing about the ending. Hollywood stole some dude's life and gave it to Gyllenhaal's character. WTF, what happens to the real Sean in that dumbass "other world" that the Source Code creates in the ending? His potential-bang, money and LIFE just got jacked by some dickhead who's meant to be dead-as in Afghanistan. 'I got 3 words for you RealSean, Sucks To Be (adding a fourth) You.'

Post Post Script
The ending might be absolute stinking crap, but the use of Chicago's Cloud Gate sculpture was a nice little metaphor to soften the almighty blow of the film pooping its pants over how cute it is. I just got told to not be so negative at the end of a post. So this is positive.

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