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Friday, April 01, 2011

Cambridge Satchel Company X Dover Street Market

When I first moved out to cambridge for my first year I spotted a couple of these dope leather satchels by a company called the Cambridge Satchel Company, and I was all bugging out over how solid they were and how they'd never fall apart like all my other bags invariably do - but I was kind of disappointed with the colourways they came in. All of them were too "Cambridge", which is a shit thing to say and I always hate on anybody that comes at me with a Cambridge stereotype, but yeah, whatever, they were really posh looking.

Anyway, the CSC have teamed up with Dover Street Market to produce possibly the most beautiful collection of bags in neon colours, it's like someone took out their highlighter set and coloured in some lovely bags. I'm after the neon pink in 15 inch, but it seems to be sold out already. Bitching. I'ma put this on the wishlist, along with new kicks, money, a car, the ability to pass my second year exams and wider hips (I'm starting to irrationally worry about childbirth and bodycon dresses)

You can buy these babies online at DSM's E-shop.

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