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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Takun Williams

Me and Larry have been bumming the 90's as of late. I wish I had a pair of brothel creepers, or a pvc mini dress and a bad weave with candy coloured stripes in it. And LIP LINER.
The 90's was so great.

Anyway, the more I google images for 90s fashion, or watch films like 'But, I'm a Cheerleader!' (GREAT), the more I fall back in love with bright colours. I've had a little break from them for the past few months, black and grey are easier and don't show food stains as badly. Yeah, yeah, I'm gross. Whatever.
My heart leapt when I stumbled on Takun William's art focussing on modern pop icons... BRIGHT, ANGULAR, CLASHING, EVERYTHING I WANT. And unlike most pop art I fall for, I've been alive while most of the icons featured were as well. Don't judge me, but that shit is exciting..
Check out his tumblr, it's wonnnderful..

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