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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beats, Rhymes and Life

Was there anybody who didn't jizz and freak out when they caught the clip of the Beats, Rhymes and Life trailer last december?? I distinctly remember thinking "I wish I was cool enough to know lots about Tribe and bum this trailer more". Anyway, I did some homework, went to DADA, looked at an album, decided I was still too poor to buy music, read all about the mad beef between qtip and the director (hypetrak y'aaaall) and then found the new clip that's surfaced on the internet and jizzed and freaked out all over again.
Anyway, for all the A Tribe Called Quest fans, here's that "new clip" that's promised to produce "freak outs" "bug outs" and all other kinds of fly terms for huge excitement/panic over 'will it be good?!' thoughts. <- ew my grammar.

Also, if you're wanting some extra linkage in case that video gets stolen again, I hear there's a copy of the trailer floating about on VIMEO still..
Apparently the film will be aired at Tribeca at the end of the month, as well as wishing I was cool enough/had time to know loads of stuff about Quest, I also wish I was cool enough to go to Tribeca/want to go there. I'm not good at watching films so really I don't actually want to go.

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