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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Guess Who's Back

Back Again.
I'll explain why I've been away so long in a later post, but the short story is I've been mad stressed because I muffed up/did excellently in my exams.
Right now however, I'm looking out at the clouds hanging over London and wishing the sunshine would come back. When it was sunny my room (which is essentially a greenhouse with a broken [the bad kind-permanently on] radiator) was hell. I get really sleepy in warm weather, so I'd just pass out if I spent more than 5 minutes in my room - and since its so teeny/skanky, the only comfortable place to sit was on the chair by my desk, so I'd wake up stinky, warm and with a cricked neck - not great.
But my room does have an excellent view over all of... Acton. Acton's not that pretty, but I can see loads of people's gardens and roofs and I feel potent up here. When the weather is crappy I don't enjoy the view so much.
I just downloaded a dope mixtape from a website I found whilst facebook stalking Larry - Word Is Bond. It's quickly replaced Et Musique Pour Tous as my new favourite music blog. Click the WIB link to download the tape, its amazing. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie team up to make a wonderful summer soundtrack. Any fans of Mary Jane Girls, Stevie and R Kelly before we found out he was dodge, check it out.

edit: a friend from chiswick is posting some funky stuff, check out posts on WIB by Lork!!!