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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Doze Green

I'm mad ashamed it's taken me so long to get to know this artist - on the daily clicks about I spotted some of Doze Green's work on Word Is Bond (quickly becoming one of my favourite sites). His style of unpredictable linework, vibrant and aggressively in-your-face colour use with soft textures and curves is so refreshing. Doze describes his style of cramped cluster portraits, featuring a host of different people and creatures, all vying for your attention as a tribute or allegory to the Italian Renaissance painters such as Michelangelo who painted deities closely together, competing for space within the work.

Green recently exhibited at the Jonathon Levine Gallery (where the above image of Doze's E-din was downloaded from). The exhibition, titled The Left Hand Path explored ideas of energy and matter, and how our consciousness and ideologies refer back to and often conflict with them. His use of saintly host composition with ethereal and often futuristic monster characters fights with the viewer's imagination - from what we recognise as the norm for this composition we expect gentle saviours to greet us from the canvas, instead we are struck with scary and challenging creatures that appear man-made. The man made robotic aspect of Doze's ethereal deities must be a comment on modern organised religion, at least I hope it is, otherwise I've missed the point entirely...

Check out some more of Green's work on his website or facebook page, and like always, click these images for higher resolutions. For a much better analysis of Doze's work, check out the Jonathon Levine Gallery website, where they explain his Left Hand Path and some of his work.

edit: just went on booooooom and found a video of doze green & mars-1 in a collab art project. Doze's commentary is a little hard to follow at times, but definitely worth a watch.

MARS1 & DOZE GREEN from Colin M Day on Vimeo.