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Thursday, August 05, 2010


The day before yesterday I had a lovely day with Anna (who has her own super cool blog, with an even superer cooler name - fynf.blogspot.com) at Somerset House, to have a spy around their exhibit celebrating the first fabulous twenty years of Maison Martin Margiela and the house's massive influence over modern fashion.

The LOVELY Anna in a TERRIBLE photo, sneaking through the exhibit

Walking around the exhibit, which was laid out in an undone-minimalist way, I felt seriously uneducated about the house and fashion in general, but after an hour of cautious peeking around curtains, corners and into boxes, I came out feeling pretty cultured and far more educated about a brand I previously only knew as "that bad-ass dude that made the blonde hair coat".

To get in, follow the Tabi Boot footprints

It was £5 for entry, but I'd say it's definitely worth it. Walking around, every inch of the space used matches the aesthetic that you see Margiela's shows, so even if you are, like me, a bit of a avant-garde fashion newbie, just gawking about the exhibit allows you to gain a better understanding of the brand's identity.

The exhibit opened with a massive screen showing a series of MMM's catwalk shows, with enormous 12ft models strutting their anonymous stuff towards us. The drama of the screen teamed with the sculptural jackets forming a type of front row to the show really set the scene for the rest of the exhibit. 

The two coats that made Anna near enough fall over. I don't blame her.

All in all, I'd definitely recommend this exhibit to EVERYONE. Even if you're not a fan of the brand, the exhibit explains Margiela's concepts and ideas in such a way that you can't help feeling a deeper respect and understanding for the garments created by the house when you leave. 

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