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Friday, July 30, 2010

Junk and Disorderly

Me and Milly are selling LOADSA stuff this Sunday morning to raise money for our trip to Japan and generally to pull ourselves out of debt. Despite the generosity of La Tasca diners, I'm still broke. So if you feel like coming along to have a chat or to drop a few pounds into our empty pockets, head for Columbia Road Flower Market this Sunday from 9ish until 2ish. We'll be on nearby Ezra Street at some amazing sounding studio full of our old clothes, books and miscellainy. And my mum gave me a bunch of kids clothes from the mid 90's to try and shift as well. So if you are TINY and have a superfresh style, you'll def have to have a gander.
Exciting, non?

Also, that photo is misleading. It's the only one I could find of us together without a fingerprint over my face. And we don't always dress like extras from a cross between harry potter and grange hill. That was for a "Back to School" themed night, DON'T PANIC.
But if you did find yourself panicking, listen to this, Ed got me full on addicted to Gorillaz's latest album, I've had Rhinestone Eyes on repeat for DAYS:

Rhinestone Eyes by user9892020

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