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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

pink, shiny & cheap

Today, while waiting for Coral's hair appointment to end, me and the ma went shopping around Knightsbridge to see what was on offer. First stop was H&M, where I picked up some basic tees and vest tops; after my massive clear out of stuff I don't like/haven't worn for 2 years or so, I have about 3 t-shirts left for every-day wear.
Not Enough.

I was pretty upset with the design scope available at the Knightsbridge branch, usually it has way more interesting stuff than any of the other West London stores. Today however, it was quite basic, especially in their 'Divided' section. I was cheered up however, by these beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL shoes..

I spied them as I was coming down the escalators, and it was like one of those scenes in a soppy vintage romance film. Set scene: The leading actress is walking down the stairs heading off the boat/aeroplane/escalator that she has journeyed upon for MONTHS. She holds onto her hat to prevent it from blowing away in the overpowering, yet somehow glamorous wind. She steps away from her modem of transport, lonely and cold from the lack of love she has felt on her long and arduous  journey. All of a sudden, she looks to her stage right, as though her eyes are drawn there by some inexplicable but glorious force, and her face lights up with joy. She has seen the man/shoes for her! The one(s) that she will spend the rest of her life with. The one(s) that will support her endlessly, providing her with a steamy, passionate relationship and spectacularly defined calf muscles.
The credits roll as our heroine collapses into the arms of her loved one/cashier, sobbing as she realises that she has got exactly what she wants.

I actually leapt upon these wedges as soon as I was off the escalator, and got more than a few dirty looks from the sloanes walking past them and declaring them (and me in my orange denim) tacky.
Unfortunately for me, and my finances, I tried them on.
They fit like a dream thanks to H&M's made-for-me decision to sell the shoes in half sizes. When I saw the label declaring the wonder-wedges to be a 5.5, my heart skipped a beat. I actually wore them around the shop while I was picking things up for the changing rooms, and got told off my a shop-assistant when he asked if I was going to buy them and I replied "uhhh".
Unluckily for me (and really, for H&M Knightsbridge), my bank balance could only stretch to a £23.70 spend today, so the shoes had to remain alone, and forlorn on the shelf. But you can bet your sweet-ass I'm buying them. I don't know when, or where, but they WILL be mine..

I just noticed how well the colour scheme of the pink&black wedges works with my blog layout. It's sad, but it's just another reason why they HAVE to be mine.

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