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Friday, March 26, 2010

"mm, mmm, not bad"

Last night was fun, but LONG. The night started at a ridunk 8.30 when we all met up to catch a 94. Like fools we bought our pre-drinks at BestOne, meaning we were all subject to a hundred million renditions of "hey beautiful, my future wiiiiives."

It was okay though, when we arrived at yoyo we got in and because the band were still setting up we got a booth pretty quick. Other than the 10 minutes I spent inside my own head trying to figure out why I wasn't saying anything, the night moved smooth. The first dj played an interesting set.. It was like bad hip-hop with a few gems thrown in to get you (and trap you) on the dancefloor. I spent most of the night following kaysi's finger as she yelled "THERE'S M.I.A" and pointed, and I was all like "WHAT WHERE WHAT HOW WHAT WHERE?" until I finally saw her behind the dj booth with her hubby. and I was all like "ohh."

After yoyo we were going to go to kaysi's brother's house. I got out my trusty blackberry and punched in the address, and after us trekking through the wildnerness of ealing and possibly definitely waking up more than a few middle class families, we discovered that Kaysi's brother didn't live at 22 Goldsmith Avenue, he lived at 22 Goldsmith Road.

That's when the night ended and we dragged our sorry selves to a 266 bus stop and shouted everytime a fox crossed the road.

Here are a few shots from the night though..
Lack of film and money for film leads to a million blurry unidentifiable images on my phone.. these are the ones where you can kind of see what is going on.

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