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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

london london acton town

I'm baack!!
Today, because it was super sunny and I felt my jumpsuit hadn't got enough wear (it really has) me and Kaishia went for a super fun walk around Acton. We discussed classes, poor attendance and general university stuff. And also geography, apparently one of Kaishia's best friends comes from "norwegia".
I don't think anyone can take the piss out of Sherrelle's "Welshians and Canadish" now...

Some photos from our disturbing walk around bonny Acton..

(£1 each. I think 2 birthday boys will be getting a fireman and policeman's uniform each for their birthday)
This is just upsetting. People are advertising for sex with an older woman in corner shop windows now?! That makes me sad. Really really sad.