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Sunday, March 07, 2010

busy busy busy

That test I've been moaning about all term is coming up on Monday morning.
Which means that really I should be revising and doing kanji-rote, rather than trawling music blogs and engaging in an epically long facebook stalking session with Jen. Which then quickly mutated into something scary and not fit for blogging or even talking in public about.

That's for another entry, perhaps when I'm wasted and come back to find that messaging everyone in my facebook contacts list isn't quite embarrassing enough. Today, happily enough did not include embarrassing myself OR getting wasted.
I woke up fresh and early at about seven o'clock, had the worlds best and longest shower (I sat down in my tiny cubicle - so so so relaxing), and then woke everyone else up ready for the vintage fair at the guild-hall. It was definitely a good day, I bought orange hot-shorts, 4 gold watches, a cashmere jumper and a big blue workman's jumpsuit (which i changed into as soon as was feasibly possible).
Later we wandered about Cambridge city *cough*village*cough* center and got free chocolates at Hotel Chocolate with Alexia, Katy and Milly. It was yum, even though I had to rush back up to Fitz to 1) change into said jumpsuit and 2) start revising for, ugh, monday.

I don't have any photos to put up tonight, and sorry for how long it's been since I posted anything of my own.. I'm feeling a little stifled at the moment when it comes to photography. I'm hoping this easter holiday will bring me some relief and a little inspiration with it.

Night night, and eventually there'll be photos of all the things I've been wasting my overdraft on xx