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Saturday, January 30, 2010


After my weird late night obsession (not the first) with hubble telescope star shots, I've been on the hunt for some photographers that incorporate the surreal, dream-like quality of the cosmos shots into their work. Funnily enough, entering "surreal dream-like quality of the cosmos photography" into google doesn't bring up many viable hits..

Who I did find though, on my art-blog run, was Margaret Durow, a fantastic photographer who I can't really class as a portrait artist or as a fashion photographer. Her pieces seem to be portrait photographs taken in a land-scape manner, or perhaps vice-versa? The soft dreamy quality of her work, to me, echoes the colour work of William Eggleston, without the stark (and often ugly) truth hiding behind it.

Her work seems very child-like to me, in the best possible way. Every subject appears angelic and innocent, but completely anonymous, much like the memories we recall from our childhood. While I have in the past ranted endlessly about the horrible effects of bad developing, the murky colours and over-exposed skies in Durow's work fits the theme of her colour collection perfectly. Everything is like an old family movie playing on loop with faces you can't quite make out, but recognise instantly.

These photographs make me want to go back to trawling ebay for expired film and fail-developing it in my bathtub for grey-blue pictures. Perhaps once the Fitzwilliam darkroom is fixed up, I'll be making some dream-sequence-star-inspired shots of my own?
Or maybe I'll just take annoying unflattering photographs of everyone while they're cooking. Either way, another favourite artist to add to the ranks; Margaret Durow.