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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

one man forever

If I had to, right now pick that one man...
It'd be Jeffrey Campbell. I know I'm late on the blogger's bandwagon, but I so desperately want a place a top that over-crowded bus. The man knows how to make amazing shoes. I secretly, deep, deep, deep down wish I was one of those girls that always wears killer shoes. Not like, "omagah them kicks is killaah", cos straight up, *brushes shoulder* I'm already PAST that chick. Cue coughing/laughing fits... ish?

When I say killer shoes, I mean killer shoes like bitch-height heels, like she can rock them 5 inchers up to the co-op to buy milk and aldi to get £3 martini. To drink at like.. 2... in the afternoon.
And if I ever do transform into an alocholic pin-up who has enough credit accounts can afford to buy the entire J.C. collection, I'll eat my hat, and then regurgitate it, cos I heard some of the dyes they use over at New Era are poisonous to consume.

That image from his SS/10 lookbook says it all. Click here to go download a copy for your own private perving. Otherwise, hit up this badass link for possibly the freshest selection of JC heels online.