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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

structurally sound

Sorry I've been away and crappy at posting the past few weeks, grammar's been mounting, but now I have a spare fifteen minutes to share some a-maaaazing work with you.
On my daily clicks I discovered this; a collaboration between the London pairing the graphic designer Mathew Gill and fashion scene's Ann Nelving. The two worked together to produce a beautiful collection of what I guess could be called jewellery under the label Mode en Module. To me though, the pieces are far too dramatic and elaborate for "jewellery" to cover it.

Body structures? Caging? Not sure, but judge for yourself, I'm completely in love with it.
If I was less afraid of getting into debt, my student loan would be blown on one of these pieces. Probably the "body spine" piece. Arg, I'd dance about my room nudey with it draped around my back. Then get terrified my lock was going to fail again and hide under the duvet...

I'm loving how this piece makes the model look so ridiculously vulnerable but at the same time empowered. Perhaps that's just her swagger though. I'm loving the way the tiny strips of soft leather have been woven to form a solid shield to sit on the back of the neck, but then weakened by the scary needle/pin thing. Not even sure what it is, but it's pretty darn sexy.

I'd gobble this model right up if he wasn't so white and indie. But the pieces he's wearing here made me go down to the leather-working shop at the bottom of the hill and beg for off-cuts. I got them, dragged my carrier bag of shitty leather back to fitz and spent half an hour staring at it, thinking "wtf why".
The second piece, the long necklace thing, is confusing but yum. I love the slightly scientific vibe it has to it. I reckon I could rock that badboy with my horrid old white tee and rudeboy jeans. I'd look like some kind of strange chavvy scientist who had a vial of AMAZING MAGIC around her neck.

My favourite FAVOURITE FAVOURITE piece. Oh sweet jesus. Look at it.
Word's can't express the beauty of it. The construction is just perfect, the way in which the leather forms a second spine or armor along the upper back, then just around the waist, where the female form becomes softer, it branches out away. I'm loving that juxtaposition of hard and soft, protection and restriction. The top of the back seems to be shielding, while the front and waist area has a definite s&m vibe going on. Not that that's ever a bad thing in over-priced sublime leather jewellery.

To find more of the duo's fantastic work, head to the website Mode en Module, where all the images are sourced from.