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Thursday, January 07, 2010

innocent times & super bad porno

Imagine how lovely the world must have been when this was considered SUPER BAD PORNO:

On my daily clicks I found some of the artwork of Enoch Bolles, a Pin-up illustrator born in Florida in 1883. His work delights and frightens me; to me, while, yes the illustrations have sex appeal in the facial expressions and poses, they are so innocent compared to what is considered sexy by mens magazines today. Only 50 years ago these kinds of images would have been the equivalent of page 3 models. Makes me worry about what things will be like when I'm a granny and what my grandkids will be exposed to. Perhaps I worry too much, but eh.

Anyway, some more lovely artwork from one of the most famous and earliest glamour and pin-up illustrators;

I'm loving these two, the 1928 one makes me want a split side nightgowny thing to unwrap presents in. Highly doubt the fams would appreciate it though. I'd also like a flat belly too, if anyone up there is listening? Darn christmas dinners.

Just found out, the magazine Film Fun that Bolles painted covers for had to switch to photographic covers featuring celebrities and cancel the usual pin-up images that Enoch usually created in the early 40's late 30's, apparently they were going to be shut down for printing obscene images on the covers otherwise! How cute is that.