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Thursday, January 07, 2010

found £20 in my pocket

so happy.
I got on the 207 to go ealing and hunt for a book at waterstones and at the library. I straight up refused to not sit at the back of the bus, just because I'm wearing brogues, have bright green wesc's and am busting out my hogwarts top does not mean I will feel pressured out of the awesome seat at the back on the left, next to the radiator.

I was hoping that because it was like 11-noonish, none of the schooly kids would be out and about, but because of the snow school was cancelled. Hence, I was joined at the back by NUFFFF rudekids. Or at least they thought they were. Bloody 15 year olds. I remember that age, I thought I was the shit. Either way, I ended up sitting there staring out of the window praying they would stop playing chipmunk on their mobiles, the tinny noise was managing to leak through my huge headphones and disrupt my meditation music. Anyway, I ended up at primark, and in the changing rooms; £20 fell out of my pocket when i was getting my kit off. SO HAPPY.
With said £20 I bought 2 pairs of new jeans, pack of 5 sheer tights, sheer polkadotty tights and floral colourful tights. NUM. NUM. I have big plans for the sheer tights;


After that I got my new kicks sprayed up with special protective spray stuff by razzledazzle. They're so purdy I couldn't have them getting scuffed like the last pair. I'll post a pic of them later. When I can be arsed to charge my camera battery and put on trainers. My slippers are so comfy..

Anyone else super addicted to lookbook.nu? I feel I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon, but now that dropular is down I need my image fix desperately.