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Thursday, December 31, 2009

wtf mind-blown

Larry just told me something amazing. She found out that the kid Jethro from Southfields who used to throw chairs at teachers and call them bitches is a model now. And according to Vogue Homme Japan, and i-D he's now an "It Boy".

Like Larry said:

Straight up, I guess that's karma for you. Then again, Jethro didn't do much to earn karma from my vague and distant memories of him... But having a rockstar dad and cool hair can work miracles in this world...


Mad. But at least now I can say, I USED TO BARELY KNOW SOMEONE LIKE A DECADE AGO WHO IS NOW ON JAK&JIL. And to be fair, even though I just did not know the boy, I'm glad for him. He used to help Jamila collect dead bees from around the trees at the edge of the playground for burial, perhaps that's where the good karma came from...