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Monday, February 01, 2010

love love love

I hate that borders has closed down, if it was still up and running I'd have my pic of all my old favourite magazines. Instead I'm forced to go to the websites and perv over the cover images wishing I had print versions to read when I should be writing about Choson-Korea land reform policies.

I'm loving Issue 3 of LOVE magazine's selection of covers. At first, I thought wow I'd be so stuck on which one to get, then I got to the bottom of the blog post and saw Jeneil's cover and was like, kay. done.
But there's no borders for me to go to and buy the damn thing. And I'm far too lazy/busy to hunt for a decent news agents in this titchy town. Probably only one place stocks good fashion edits, and I bet they'd only have the Lara cover cos of her tits.