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Saturday, February 06, 2010

enough e nuff

So stressed.

Not about work though, I got that bad-boy under control. Right now I'm stressed about how to spend my Christmas money. I managed to lose the envelope that had all the cheques in it, so I was so upset, but I found it just a week ago, and then Lukey boy gave me some money today that I forgot he owed me. So technically (unless you count the massive debt) I'm rich.

And I need/want/need some fresh new kicks/heels. I have kicks, NUFF back in london, but I want heels. I went to topshop, stupidly. I didn't buy anything though, which I'm proud of. I don't know what I want though. I turned up rocking my new 90's grunge theme I've been loving lately. Too many photos of courtney love have turned me into one of those girls that puts biro's through her £1 tights and deliberately falls asleep with mascara on so I look like shit the next day.
I lied about the latter, I'm just hoping calling it a 90's grunge thang makes it less gross and more socially acceptable?

So back to topshop. I had my laddered tights and big socks and I tried on these beasts

They look so good on, and the heel is so massively chunky, like someone took a yorkie bar and turned it into a heel. But I'm not sure if I should hold on the spending all my money on them, and wait for the black versions of these:

Or, should I keep the money and spend it on things like quick-cook pasta and herbs& spices? Or that small matter of paying the rent...?