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Sunday, July 04, 2010

If You're Not With Me

Kim Graham has corrupted me.
Not only is she a massive stoner*, as proved by that photo, but she has also sweet-talked** me into going to see Against Me, a "punk-rock" band in November to celebrate our wonderful birthdays.
I use inverted commas with that genre because when I say "punk-rock", I can't help saying it without a slight pause before and after it, like I am actually saying it with the inverted commas floating in mid air. I don't do rock. Jen played me something by some guy with small and tate in his name and it didn't go down well. Liam played me some Guns and Roses, which I liked, but I was informed by Jen and Kim that that bullshit doesn't fly when it comes to saying "I like rock", it's modern rock or no rock. Kim played me some Motorhead and I nearly cried. However, I have been to gigs where rock music was featured. The most hard-core "modern rock" I've been to see was some strange Japanese band in Angel a few years, and that was only because I thought the drummer was cute. Then he came out with white-out contacts in, and I decided to drink until the music sounded or he looked hot. Neither he nor it ever did.

However, I am positive that I will enjoy this. Kim has played me something called Coheed & Cambria, which I was not averse to. If that band was in man form, I wouldn't kick him out of bed.
Wouldn't invite him in sober though.
Anyway, here's a little bit of Against Me! for you to listen to and judge whether you think I'm mad or not. Kim tells me this song is their new commercialised stuff, and therefore less scary to me.

In true form, I'm less worried about the gig than I am about what I'll wear. If I had a limitless budget, I'd wear studded ashish for the entire gig and a pair of yummy desert boots. But I don't have that budget, so it's going to be old nikes and THIS outfit, which I'm saving up for..
Lace Jacket and Jeans, Urban Outfitters; Corsellete & Necklace, Topshop

Kim played me Machine Head.

Not Motor Head.
Apparently they're different.

*by "massive stoner" I mean she had a few puffs of some green I found 4 months dry in my presence once
**by "sweet-talked" I mean she posted on facebook 'who wants to go to a gig?' and I eagerly replied that I would DEFINITELY go.

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