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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Taking Liberty's

Goldhawk Road is one of my favourite places in West London. Nowhere else will you find various members of Middle Earth out in plain view downing Special Brews with quite as much enthusiasm as you will on the corner of Shepherds Bush Market and Goldhawk Road, nor will you ever find an area with such a high concentration of SUV-like cars teamed with quite as high an unemployment rate as there is here.
Despite all this chat, I do love it for other, more valid reasons. I love that there are a billion buses that take you there, I love that its right around the corner from Westfields, and I LOVE the fabric shops. I love that whatever fabric you could ever want, in whatever length, in whatever colour, stretch stitch or weight, you'll find it there. However, I did think that there was one type of textile you wouldn't/couldn't find next door to the Middle Earth Men, that's anything by Liberty of London.
I got proved royally wrong today at Classic Textiles.

They had the most beautiful collection of Liberty silks and cotton prints. The prices start at £16 a metre, but they do have a selection of off cuts that you can buy for quilting or accessorising. Me and Alex had a wander and peered in the window for about 10 minutes, drooling over a flame red, coral and yellow peacock print silk, UNTIL we got inside.

When we got inside, the woman informed us that they were sold out of the orange colour, but she had just received some in a rich blue purple black wonderful amazing tint. She held it out for us to see, and I swear, my heart flew out of my chest, flung itself at the silk and just beat there against the crisp peacock feathers for a full 20 seconds. I was in love, but unfortunately, my credit card wasn't. Alex's however, was, and she bought two metres of it. God I'm jealous.

Also, apologies for the state of these photos, they were taken on my phone, and because of my hard-drive failing, I don't have photoshop to edit the colours.. Sorry!

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