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Saturday, July 03, 2010

I'm Sorry

I've received numerous complaints of late, and rightly so. I haven't updated this blog for.. 117 days.
Now that I haven't posted something for so long, I feel like this next post has to be something exceptional. However, there isn't much exceptional going on in my brain at the moment. To be fair, there isn't much of anything going on in my brain at the moment other than an overwhelming desire to go microwave some smiley faces.

This is because last night was a very, very messy night, one that I am still suffering from now. As many witnesses from last night, the wee hours of this morning, and the early afternoon of today will tell you. Me and my new good friend Alex (whom I met at La Tasca, where I now work) went for cheeky cocktails at Vodka Revolution by Stamford Brook as soon as I finished my shift at around 5.30.
Big Mistake.

Alex has told me many many stories of her heavy-weight skills when it comes to alcohol, and I've told her many stories of my light-weight skills when it comes to alcohol, so once we'd both had a couple of happy hour cocktails in us, it seemed like a wonderful idea to do "traffic light" shots to "train" me up.

Once I'd downed my shots and realised what a horrible mistake it was, we met Tommy, Alexia, Will, Max and Chris in the Bull at Westfields for more cheeky drinks, and after letting Alex buy me wine, I realised what a horrible mistake that was as well. After that, I dragged Alex and Will all over W3 and W4 until Alex went home, and after that I realised what a horrible mistake it was to go back to Acton in first place.

Me and Will then got lost trying to get to Fabric, but were eventually successful and got to the damned club, had tequila to top up and despite all my horrible mistakes of that night, I enjoyed finding a hazy new love for music I previously had only contempt for.

On my way home this afternoon (Will kindly offered to put me up at his, there was no way I was getting back across the Thames at 6.30 feeling as rough as I did) I met so many people, who laughed at me with my "blergh" face, manly croaky voice and skanky outfit. So today people, while I am updating this blog, there is nothing for me to update it with other than this entertaining but shameful story.
Tomorrow I'll attempt to post something vaguely intelligent about art.
I'm off to eat another 3 packets of microwave smiley faces.

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