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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Les Cravates par Hermès

97 different countries produced 6133 designers who produced 5748 valid entries for possibly the coolest competition EVER.
Hermes have clocked that the internet is a pretty darn cool place, and on november 5th last year, in association with DesignBoom, the Les Cravates par Hermès competition was launched. Today, after my massive absence from the internet (bar facebook, OBV) I stumbled across the results. Here they are, along with a lovely introduction from the General Artistic Director of Hermes International. I want that job title so bad.

Via DesignBoom

"Hermès has reinvented the tie every day for 60 years.
The perfect canvas for graphic creativity, it tells and retells stories, equestrian and sporting, and displays imaginative animal patterns, geometric variations and more. It is also the ideal accessory, allowing the man who wears it to express his desires, assert his personality, show his moods, indulge in the refinement of 'soie pour soi', and simply be himself. Launching a contest with designboom is a way for us to give you the chance to surprise and stimulate us, broaden our field of vision, reinvent us. The jury carefully considered each of the 5,478 submissions that came in from 97 different countries.
We are happy to share the results of this contest with you.
The three first prizes will be part of the Hermès Fall-Winter 2010 collections.

Bravo and thank you,'

Pierre-Alexis Dumas
General Artistic Director
Hermes International"

First Prize
'Modern Leisure' -Heidi Mueller, France

Second Prize
'Unpossible' - Nickolus Clifford, New Zealand

Third Ex-Aequo Prize
'Hermes Active Men' - Nina Choe, USA

Third Ex-Aequo Prize
'Cleverness Patterned # 2' Lilliam Dooley and Ernesto Oroza, USA

Special Prize Innovation Graphisme
'Hermès Vertical City' - Johan Hermijanto, Australia

Special Prize Innovation Graphisme
'Party Time' - Daisuke Nomura, Japan

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