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Sunday, August 08, 2010


Although we've arrived at the barn that we're staying in for two weeks, for Friday evening and Saturday morning, we stopped off in Tours, a city in the center region of France. While I'm not much of a travel blogger, Tours was so beautiful I had to write something about it.
The city is built in the style of northern french buildings, with ardoise slates covering most rooftops, and the majority of buildings painted white or a dusty cream. I wish I could describe the effect better, but rather than standardizing the streets and making them bland and homogeneous, the entire city seems like it's sprung from a fairy-tale book, and every building seems to hold some sort of story.

Most buildings have been split into apartments due to the massive student population in Tours (François Rabelais University), and those with balconies and french windows opening out into the street lit up the boulevards with the glow from lamp-lights. It was so beautiful. And I was mad jealous of anyone living in such a beautiful city.

Me and the fam had a wander about admiring the architecture before stopping just before the river to enjoy a fat pizza at a very cute pizzeria. It was seriously impractical, but the bar inside was decorated with old french liquor bottles in front of a mirror. The whole place looked like a modern day Toulouse Lautrec with the low hanging lamps in yellow and green and the big red neon sign above. I half expected a Moulin Rouge film-esque dance troupe to bust out onto the patio to some millenium hip hop.

At the end of the evening we all shuffled back to the car, which we had parked outside the train station, had an ogle at said train station (my phone battery died before I could take a photo, so here's a google images substitute) and then drove to the luxurious Novotel just outside the city. It was like going from supreme old school glamour to, well, Novotel. It sucked. Especially as we were driving past all the beautiful buildings shouting "Le Grand Hotel", "Hotel du Manoir" and "Hotel de L'Univers" UGH.

apologies for the horrible photos, I left my DSLR in london,
feel like a right knob.

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