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Sunday, August 15, 2010

C'est Pas Possible!

Today me and Coral went with the couple that own the barn we're staying at to the village of Pellegrue, where the village was hosting its bi-annual market from 8am onwards. Since 8 was disgustingly early for both of us (I'm still one hour behind. I refuse to leave English time for such a wee difference), we were up and out with Jim and Jan (the people who own the barn) by 9.

Yesterday some of the markets I bummed at Bordeaux were a little disappointing, just a french version of Shepherds Bush, but this little village had the most amazing things. Quite a few stall owners weren't happy with me taking photos, and asked that I delete any photos of them and their wares (not surprising since a fair few were selling what I presume to be seriously illegal guns. Like FOR REAL.) Anyhow, I took photos of everything I bought.

At Pellegrue there weren't many clothes or shoes for sale, but there was LOADSA furniture and general antiques for around the house. I was so up for buying myself a Hogwarts-style trunk so I could properly pretend I was heading back to wizarding school this October (like you don't do it when you drag your suitcase up to Kings Cross - I know your game), but I couldn't afford any, and I reckon if I had bought any, they wouldn't have fit in the car.

Despite not getting my hogwarts trunk (OR THE HARRY POTTER AFTERSHAVE I SAW, it stank like behind a toilet though. I reckon it was off.), I bought some lovely things.

2 jars with TAPS on them. How cool is that? A jar.. That has a tap. It sounds boring, but I was so excited when I saw them, and pieced together in my poor french, comment ça marche??????? Then when the lady put in the pink liquid and poured it out with those cute little taps, I literally exploded. 2€ each.

2 old syrup bottles. Jim was very disparging of my purchase. He said I could have bought two bottles of syrup and gotten bottles and syrup, but my argument is... Well, there isn't any. He has a point. But I definitely wouldn't have cleaned out those bottles. They'd have stayed sticky and gross for like 3 years before I chucked them out. Anyhow, what I'll do with them is put cocktail mixes in each and shove speed pourers in the top, then anytime we're feeling some zombies or long island iced teas, there'll be some available from pretty, speedy bottles.

A sausage, baguette, garlic and apple juice. Don't ask, I buy silly things when I have money. The sausage is so good though. English sausages are shit.

The Pièce Du Resistance, a vintage coffee set that Coral spotted. The woman selling spoke french with the weirdest accent, and has nothing but contempt for my poor grasp of the language. She kept telling me "Cinq", "Le Petit BLUUURRRRHHHHHH" and, keeping in mind it was quarter past 9 (meaning 8) in the morning, I had no idea. Coral had to go "five euros, duh.".
I'd thought she'd said 10€, so I was CHUFFED to get the entire set for 5€. In it there are 12 cups and saucers, a milk jug and a super cute coffee pot.

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