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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Can't Stand The Rain

Yesterday, because of the bad weather and my emotional attachment to Harry Potter (and thus inevitable difficulty when re-reading The Chamber of Secrets. He's NOT Voldemort's heir, WHY ARE HOGWARTS STUDENTS SO JUDGMENTAL?), I didn't have much to do other than turn my vision square with blog trawling and online shopping wishlist making.

I found the Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 campaign for America on said blog trawling, and after I got over the horrific first image (either this girl needs to take her internal organs out of her handbag and stick them back inside of her, or someone got too keen with photoshop), the images made me yearn for my winter clothes again. Summer has sent me into a plain clothes rut, all of my patterns, stripes and dots are in woolen/heavy jersey form, and thus highly unsuitable for summer traveling. It also made me yearn for money and the body that lets clothes hang on my frame like how these girls rock it. Without photoshop.

This, plus Dobby keeping Harry from Hermione and Ron is making me long for October to roll around. I want to move in to my new house in Cambridge, lugging boxes about in aztec inspired cardigans with no pesky house elves attempting to prevent me from rejoining my magical friends. I'm also longing for October because that's when student loans will dump some money in my account, and Natwest will start to trust me again.
Until I pay my ridiculous rent with it all and tear said trust away again.
Anyhow. In my boredom I decided to compile a list of stuff I'd own if I had LOADSA money and didn't have to spend my grant on paying for silly things like food, shelter and hot water.

1- Stoned Necklace by Solange Azagury
2 - Leopard Zip Front Bandeau Bra by Urban Outfitters
3 - 1940's Blouse by Pins & Needles
4 - Stripe Suspender Bodycon Skirt by Simon Preen
5 - Bounty Blouse by Paul & Joe
6 - Abstract Print Leggings by Ostwald Helgason

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