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Friday, August 13, 2010

I Do, Say

The weather here in France has taken a turn for cloudy and muggy, so there's no fun in sitting outside or even going for walks.
It's just BAD weather.
So today is my indoor quiet time for Mariel day. I decided, perfect! I can sit inside with my bucket of red wine that I bought at a market have a glass, and read some literary canons. (It's still chic despite being an actual bucket of wine, because I got it at little French market. And its acceptable to be drinking at this hour of the day because I'm in the south of France. Everyone does it. I hope.)
But after five minutes of trying to read Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, I was too depressed by Dobby's antics of trying to keep Harry away from his super cool friends at Hogwarts, and I kept seeing parallels between Hogwarts and Fitzwilliam. I miss my girls and guys up there too much. So I got to remeniscing. Especially about our Sex & The City times, where we'd all abandon our degrees and diets for "just one episode." Obviously, this would always quickly turn into at least 3 episodes and at least one glass of something alcoholic and 3 of McVities' finest chocolate biscuits.

After watching that episode of Sex & The City where Aidan has to get Samantha in to help choose Carrie's ring, me and the Cambridge girls had a chat about the rings that we'd like to receive when our multi-millionaire model-turned-investment banker-turned-russian-spy-turned-mastermind-detective-turned-artist proposes to us. Or at least rings we wouldn't barf at the sight of.


Anyway, this reminiscing lead to one of my elaborate daydreams where, being stranded in the south of France, every single one of my friends' boyfriends suddenly wanted to propose to their respective girlfriends and I had no objection to this. They all demanded help from me, and I couldn't decide what rings they'd like or get to the UK in time, it all went horribly wrong and everyone got rings from Argos with some sort of engraving in Comic Sans font on them. So obviously, all the boys got dumped. It was terrible, I actually broke out into a cold sweat.

But that might have been something to do with my polyester t-shirt and the 28 degree weather with no wind.

Anyhow. I was worried.

So I got to googling, something I do very well. (Although, admittedly, not as well as Jen).

I found, thanks to vogue.co.uk (bless that website), Solange Azagury, a brand that creates engagement rings for women who don't want a standard engagement ring, and are looking for something a wee bit different. Some of the things this woman designs are amazing.
So, in panic mode, imagining that at some point in the near future a mysterious model/investment banker/russian spy/mastermind detective/artist is going to run to ONE OF YOU for help in choosing a ring for me, I compiled a list exclusively from Solange's collection.
Here it is. Be amazed, these rings are stunning.

If my mystery man is a hip hop star (Lupe Fiasco, once he meets me, will obv want to leave his wife and marry me), this ring would do just fine;

The 'Big Fringe' Ring, 18ct Yellow Gold & Diamonds.

If my mystery man is a comedy writer and wants to get me an extremely expensive gimmick ring to amuse me until he finds something with a sparkler in it, because he will find me something sparkly...

The 'One/Three Carrot Ring', 18ct Yellow Gold & Enamel

If my mystery man is a super edgy, too cool for himself photographer with an eye for architectural detail in jewellery and clothing...

My favourite, The 'Offering' Ring, 18ct Yellow or Black Gold & Diamond

However, on my stumblings, I found something for my favourite keeno. If that "norn" Irish lass ever stops pulling the "Oh-My-God-Kill-Me-Now" faces when you drop the "obviously, once we're married..." bombs, I reckon these rings will do your bride well.
Even if I've just massively pigeonholed her as a huge heavy metal goth that needs symbols of death even in one of the most joyous moment of her life.

'Till Death Us Do Part' Engagement ring, 18 ct White Gold & Diamond

And the wedding bands to match, 'Bones' 18ct Gold or Platinum bands.