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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Apologies, this post is going to be pretty tiny. I'm tired and preparing food for my dinner party tonight. Mad Excited.
Anyhow, I found something on my morning stumbles that needed sharing, even though I don't feel I can comment particularly well on the work in question. This morning I came across Federico Erra and his stunning, black and white portraits. His set titled SuperModels captures each woman in a moment of intense emotion, and each is completely unique. Erra's work grabbed me because it seems he has managed to pull a different kind of drama from each model. Some are hard and challenging, staring down the camera as if daring you to find fault, while others surprise you with the softness and delicacy of their expressions. Erra's work at times seems almost documentary, capturing a moment that you don't quite expect in such a close, tight photograph.

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