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Saturday, December 12, 2009

hell for leather

ooh bobby.
I just won these leather badboys from ebay. I kind of bid on them as a joke at first, but then the red mist took over when I got that e-mail saying "you have been out-bidded!"

So, I went in with a max bid of £15

Mostly because I only have £15 left of my overdraft. I won them for £12.50, which for some super soft high waisted leather lovelies seems pretty good. I hope they're real leather, otherwise I'm going to be super pissed off.
Can't wait to rock these with some sheer tights and a velvet body (roll on christmas).

mmm velvet and leather. It's like if Santa's chief elf had a lovechild with that biker dude out of the Village People.

Wow I can't even begin to comprehend the awesome that such a partnership would beget. I'm hoping the shorts come close.