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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Persian? I dunthinkso.

Disney have really pissed me off.
I thought the Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince of Persia thing was a lie, but then I saw this trailer. So fake. Okay, he can look pretty. Sometimes.
But why? He doesn't look in Arabic in the slightest.
America's answer to Actors from the Middle East = Gyllenhaal + Xen Tan.

Enough ranting though. There's a bigger crisis going on. Luella's nearly gone bust?! Just read today that Bartley's final backer has pulled out, meaning as from now the darling designer of London and Liberty's Christmas window has stopped trading.

First thing I did was hit up net-a-porter in the hopes of spending my student loan on some piece of Luella Loveliness. Nothing says cool like a piece from a recently bustbrokeass rich bitch designer's spring summer collection. It's like the be all and end all of fashionable bandwagons.
And I want to be the first on that ricketty bastard.
But the dress I so desperately wanted (brokebustass or no brokebustass) has sold out in every size other than in the ugly orange.
UgHH. So, if anyone happens to have a spare £347.50 and/or a Luella original Pink Bertha dress from her S/S09 then I'd be happy to take either, or, or both off your tired hands.