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Sunday, November 22, 2009

THAT night

A night of no regrets..
I'm sure.

Anyway, Wednesday night my lovely cambridge friends grouped together and we went to a formal hall dinner together, gowns and all to celebrate mine and kim's birthday.
Hannah got beat by all the darn scientists who bought tickets in bulk, so she had to join us later.
seeing as I haven't properly introduced you few people who read this blog to my friends up slightly north of London, I'll post some photos from that night, we were all looking pretty, sophisticated and slightly ghetto (me).

Here they are in full velvia fujifilm wonder;

Roz. To be fair you can't see her here, but she's the only one willing to let me take photos of my new shoes on her naked thighs.
Mostly because I reckon (secretly) she thinks she has the prettiest genitals, so if I accidentally get a shot of the ole vegetation, she wouldn't mind as much as others.

ok here you can see her. she's selotaping bill & ben into my dress for me.

KIM! She's the 15th, I'm the 16th. For the formal, Hannah tried to get everyone to go as fancy dress to the formal, dressed either as me or Kim. Kim is the cool version of Avril Lavigne to my modest version of Lil Kim. It would have been amazing if we had organised such an event.
PS, LOVE THE GRANNY IN THE BGRND, she totally appreciated my rendition of EW&F's "Written in the Stone" outside sainsburies.

This is Jen. Jen looks after me so well. She helped to heal my fingers when I burned my fingertips off in a moment of stupidity, and also she doesn't mind too much when I knock over her tomato sauce in the fridge. She also cleans the kitchen when everyone else can't be arsed.

LUC! Luc is a wonderfully tortured artiste, he writes poetry and studies english. Probably the most erudite person in Fitzwilliam College.
NOTevenkidding. Luc buys people drinks and politely and quietly (sometimes) corrects me when I say something stupid. He also hates this photo.

Last but opposite of least, Hannah is clearly the coolest person on top E.
She shares a passion of stealing posters off walls and rocks from gardens with me. We collect "booty" together. Not the sex kind, the TREASURE kind. We steal small things like paper, signs and alcohol from other colleges. OR from grumpy stall owners.
We also have the coolest tradition in Cambridge. Re-enacting the infamous twist scene from Pulp Fiction in every club we visit.
Sometimes just on the street when we're that drunk happy.