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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Easily Influenced

Perhaps it's my religious reading of the staple style blogs, but I have a new found love for black lace and sheer fabrics layered over one another. It makes me yearn for attractive bras, less-grannyish pants and abs. Oh and a warmer climate. Cambridge is ridiculous. Not even in a funny way, the extreme cold here actually makes me a little angry at geography.

With Christmas just around the corner I'm putting together a list of things that I'll chase down in the January sales with my Christmas holiday paycheck. Unfortunately, most of the things that I want come from somewhere hideous, somewhere horrific, somewhere I HATE WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL. But (sorry larry) despite my best attempts to shun Topshop and declare it as "you know.. just so over-rated" I've fallen into the trap. The trap of falling in love with those damned overpriced and over-worn averagely constructed garments that always frigging require a cold wash/dry clean. I swear half my clothes from that damned shop have just had Febreeze washes.

That's a bit gross.

Anyway, the first website I hit on my building a list of stuff to buy mission (basically a distraction from verb conjugation), was that bastard of a well-designed website, topshop.com.

I feel so guilty, like I'm betraying myself, originality in general, and my promise to my bank manager to not end up in "one of those situations again".

My excuse is I need a formal outfit for Lent and Easter terms, and I actually do.
I have a magical formal "Wow, these kids actually passed their A-Levels, one even got into Cambridge, let's celebrate with a slide show and booze" ceremony at my old sixth form, and then I bought a ticket for the Absurdism Spring Ball at Girton college. So really, I do need this outfit.

Here's my pick of what I'll be elbowing Sloanes out of the way for in January at the flagship topshit store.

click for (a little) higher resolution

Lace Shirt Dress £45, Leatherette Bra in Rose Gold £25, Paisley Lace Body £18, Topshop Boutique Lace Pencil Skirt £35,  ANYA2 Chain Wrap Peep Toe Boot £95, Topshop Boutique PENDULUM Boot £130,  All from Topshop(shit)

In my imagination, wearing this outfit I look like a mix between Rihanna, a Spider and some sort of Biba/Goth lovechild. So ridiculously excited.
Not sure which boot is better though. The peeptoe is more flattering, less S&M and cheaper but wow I'm so up for an overly expensive S&M shoeboot right now. Especially with a name like Pendulum. I could make a skank JUST for my foot, so that in the unlikely event that a club in Cambridge played a Pendulum track I could point at my foot and just freak.the.hell.out.

Anyway, has anybody got a spare £253 laying about?
If so, hit me up.