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Sunday, September 20, 2009

will smith WILL marry me

I love love love him.
He's so super cute. Especially in this photo, rocking his Nikes, 80's hareem/mchammer pants and a grin that could melt icecaps.
I so want to be that controller.

Today was kinda of cool. I woke up early again as I heard that helps to speed up the metabolism and prevent alzheimers. I figured, hey losing weight + preventing early onset dementia, what's wrong with that?! So I set my alarm for 7.00 am. Turns out there's a lot that's wrong with waking up at 7 am.
But I used my morning time wisely, I painted my nails in a dope, "I-so-want-to-be-as-cool-as-RachiePie" sort of way. I was like OMG IM SO ORIGINAL then I realised I had just painted my nails in the biggest knock-off copy way EVER. I hate that feeling.
Oh well, the indie kids behind the counter of the cake shop in Westfields thought they were cool. And everyone loves feeling cooler than indie-kids.

Here they are modelled against my fresh lip-fetished diary:

Funky Fresh To Death I think. But then again I think most stuff is.
I'm feeling like dressing up, which is cool cos today I bought a dress and FEATHER MADWONDER THING from zara today. I'll post a couple of vanity shots after a cup of tea and episode of 'Murder, She Wrote'. I love that show.
I'm off to  go to take off my ridiculously heavy mascara and settle down with a nice cuppa for Jessica Fletcher to solve a few more unsolvable mysteries.