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Sunday, September 20, 2009

is vanity a sin?

urg. dunno if its the one tiny beer I had whilst watching my favourite 80's chickflick of the moment; Cocktail, or if it's the shopping trip, or the fact that I finally got round to waxing my legs this week (ewwy. I know), but suddenly i think I'm vain.

I fluffed my afro in a shop window today and checked out my bum in a mirror in new look. Not in the changing room, like I normally do, but in the actual shop. Like on the shop floor.
uh ohs.

But then again, I've been feeling so crap about my body lately I deserve at least 1 hour of vanity.
So here is my hour of self-love. I look damn fine in my two new body-con dresses; the second of which is here;
yummy studs + black lipstick.
I'm rocking the balmain-on-a-budget look in my bedroom.
ooh alliteration, how sexy.