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Thursday, September 03, 2009

rihanna you sexy beast


Rihanna models in Steven Klein's "Extreme Couture" shoot for Vogue Italia.
Sexual solarisations.

Normally I hate it when they use celebrities in shoots and stuff, but this is fiiiine. When did Rihanna get so pretty? I always thought she had a mush up face.

I WANT that jacket, and the ability to wear dark lipsticks without looking like a dork.
Stupid not-dark-enough-but-not-light-enough-either skin tone. *yearns for an ethiopian blueblack skin/kaishia skin tone*
Back to the jacket though, laz you reckon we could make one like that? I reckon we could.
We're Skilled.

This last shot MIGHT just turn me full-lesbian.
Clicksys the pictures for higher resolution loveliness.